Pony Effect Master Eye Palette – Matte Master

Hey guys! I’m super excited to post today because I’m going to be reviewing about one of the new Pony Effect Palettes that was released this week! There are two Master Eye Palettes, Shimmer Master and Matte Master. I was tempted to get both but I decided to just get one and I picked the Matte Master palette. I was suckered in with the green shadow in this one. Right now on the Memebox Korea website there is a promotion going on where you get a compact mirror with a purchase and 20 percent off the purchase. Shall we get started then?


I’ll start by comparing the Master Eye Palette with the Conceptual Eyes Quad as a reference to the eye shadow palettes she’s come out with. The case is the same as the Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad except that it’s 3/4 wider and blue enamel face is a much deeper navy. Same magnetic closure and rose gold plating. There are 8 shadows in the palette. The four outer shadows are the same shape and look like the same size as the shadows in the Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad. The thing I don’t get it that the quads are 6 grams (1.5 grams per shadow) and this palette is 12 grams (1.5 grams per shadow). It could be that the pans in the master palettes are shallower. If I did a rough estimate without the packaging cost the cost per shadow in the quad is 8,000 KRW per shadow and the cost per shadow in the Master palette would be 4,750 KRW. That’s a huge difference. So if you want more for your money then picking up a Master Eye Palette might be better.

Compared with the 2 Conceptual Eye Quads

The Matte Master only has Matte shadows and is mostly warm toned. There are 4 main neutral shades and 4 bolder shades. The pigments are not as pigmented I thought they would be. I did a light swatch and I got a very mediocre swatch. I had to rub my fingers several times to get a more pigmented swatch. All the shadows except for Undisclosed and Hypnotized very smooth and velvety. Undisclosed and Hypnotized felt very chalky and the swatches were patchy, especially Hypnotized. However when I used my brushes it applied more evenly. Use a smooth base with these shadows because it seems to stick on to moist areas and starts to look patchy.Undisclosed also had a staining effect so using a base would be a good idea and later removing it with a oil based cleanser.

finger heavy swatches

All the shadows applied easily enough, they all blended well with the other shadows. Again with Hypnotized it just wasn’t pigmented enough so I had to go in with my brush over and over again to get my desired look. The lasting power is okay as well, however I lost all pigment on the moist areas on my eyes like the tear duct. It just got washed away. So I would definitely need a primer and set it with fixing spray.


So overall I would give this palette a ‘C+’ grade. I thought that the four neutral colors were too similar to see a big difference on them eyes. They all became the same-ish color when I applied it and I think it could have done with just two. It’s not pigmented as it said it was. The formulas and application were inconsistent. Barely had no staying power on bare skin and I thought Hypnotized was the worst. I was able to create some nice looks, but it took some effort. If you’re new to makeup this is not a friendly palette, maybe that’s why it’s called the ‘Master’ palette. I wish I bought the Shimmer Master Palette to compare it with the Matte Master, but because this was a disappointment I don’t want to buy the other one.

I’ve liked Pony Effect cosmetics for a while now but if this keeps happening I’m not gonna be suckered in to their attractive ads and promotions again. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere or pay a little bit more for better quality shadows. I hope you guys found this review helpful. Maybe I was a little harsh on this post but for the price that it’s selling for it should have been better. Each Master Eye Palette costs 38,000KRW. Thanks for reading!


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