Pony Effect Ink Lip Stain Review

Hi guys! I’ll be reviewing the Pony Effect Ink Lip Stain. The brand has three types of tints and the ones I have are the marker type. The tint comes in a marker pen form and the applicator is felt tipped. There are 10 colors in this line and has a natural finish. It actually feels and looks like I went over my lips with a marker pen. I don’t think it looks bad but it does make my lips a little dry and the color can get patchy very quickly. It also clings to any dray patches so if you have dry lips it’s a no go. The lasting power is not bad, it dries almost instantly once you apply and doesn’t move, but it does tend to fade in the center of the lips, leaving your lips looking like an octopus 🐙 if you eat or lick your lips too much. So you have to be mindful to touch up here and then. However, I do like the colors and the application is a breeze. I can draw on and shape my lips perfectly with the felt tip. Would I recommend to you? I don’t think so, for 14,000KRW I think you can buy two cheaper and frankly better tints than this one.




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