Personal Talk: Qualities of a Beautiful Woman

Hello everyone!

I am finally on vacation…Hallelujah! I am so in need of time to rest and relax and not think about anything.Today I wanted to write about some personal thoughts today and not do a review or anything because when I started this blog I wanted to embrace all the different areas of beauty.

Anyway, for the last couple of days I was kind of drawn to the question of if I would “qualify” as a beautiful woman. It’s kind of silly to think about I guess, but I was trying to check off in my head as I looked in the mirror if I fit in to the endless list of societies standard of beauty. After a couple of thoughts in my head everything just started to contradict each other and became too vague. Tall but not too tall, short but not too short, clean and white complexion but still exotic and tan. Athletic but not too athletic, skinny but not too skinny. It goes on and on and it just becomes a jumble of “not too” or “this but that” sentences.

Here’s the problem, I was trying to measure my beauty only with my outside appearance and not even considering who I was as a person. Outside appearance is always going to be subjective, but you can’t deny if a someone has a good heart. This is going to sound cliche but I don’t care, when you’re beautiful in the inside, you’re external beauty is going to come in second. Here’s what I think some qualities of a beautiful woman are.

1. She is confident: Confidence to me is knowing that you have insecurities but you’re not going to let it dictate what you do or don’t do. Love yourself but also know that having insecurities is OK too.

2. She is humble: I’m not talking about rejecting compliments from others or making yourself less noticeable. I’m talking about taking and owning the compliments people give you and using that to fuel how we can use it benefit others. Thinking less of yourself and thinking more of others.

3. She is self-aware: Being self-aware about your flaws is one thing but when you strive to be a better person because of your flaws is another. And when those flaws get in the way you know when to apologize.

4.She is generous: Being generous with time, finances, intention, motivation, etc. Especially in today’s busy and self-focused world being generous goes a long way. You don’t just take and take but you are willing to give and give back to family, friends, strangers, and other women.

5. She is not jealous: Just stop being a hater. *cue Taylor Swift music*. A beautiful woman knows being jealous and hating on others is a total waste of time. We women need to stop doing this to ourselves. Don’t criticize others to make you feel good. Just let them be who they are, everybody is different.

This is a very short list, and there are plenty of other qualities that make a beautiful woman. Am I saying that I posses all of these qualities perfectly? No. Would I like to? Yes. External beauty grows old and blemishes but internal beauty remains the same, like pure gold.


I hope you liked reading this. This was also fun for me to write because it reminded me of how I can become a more beautiful woman without all the makeup, hair, and clothes. I think this vacation time for me will be a great time to reflect and act on these things.

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