Perrier For My Face Please! Carbonated Air-Laynic Sheet Mask

Hey guys! I’m back on track with a new review this week. I asked on Instagram if you would be interested in reading a review on the Air-Laynic Pore Mask from 23 Years Old. This brand focuses on special skincare at home. They’re most popular product is the CO2 mask sheet and they’re available to purchase at Olive Young, one of the biggest beauty and health CVS stores in Korea. I don’t think I have huge pores, but I notice here and there where I wish the texture would be smoother.



The mask works to help brighten up the center of the face, reduce the size of pores on the nose as well as the surrounding areas, smooth out the skin, minimize the size of blackheads, and skin elasticity. Thats a lot of promises for a small package like this one. The gel is formulated with 10% carbonated water which is delivered into the skin and as it reacts with the O2 it helps with cell turn over and strengths the skin and removes impurities. The ‘air sheet’ helps keep the CO2 last longer on the skin.


I bought 4 packs to try over two weeks. The pack comes with a plastic syringe filled with the ‘air gel’ and the ‘air sheet’. The packaging has a skin clinic feel to it, which is quite clever since the brand is marketing itself as just that, skin clinic experience at home. This mask should be applied after washing you face and toning. The sheet is a bit big, especially the nose area, so you can either trim it and use the left over piece on another area of the face like the chin. With the syringe zig zag the ‘air gel’ on the mask sheet. You will start to hear a fizzing noise, then once the gel has been applied all over the sheet apply it across the cheeks and nose. One tip is you can fit it on the forehead area as well if that is a trouble spot for you. Once you have it on, tap the mask sheet with your fingers to activate the CO2. It will sting, like when you drink a fizzy drink too fast kind of feeling. Have the mask on or 20-30 mins tapping that mask here and there. Afterwards wash it off with water and go on with your regular skincare routine. However it does say to avoid any aloe or alkali products right after.


My first reaction to it was very surprising. I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing or anything, because so many skin care product are way too hyped up to get sales here in Korea. I also didn’t think it would sting as much as other people said it would be, but HA! I was wrong. When you tap the mask it does sting, but for the sake of beauty you just have to endure it. I was also a little afraid that my skin was going to be really red and aggravated from the sting of CO2, but funnily enough my skin looked so much better than it was before I put on the mask sheet. There are slight pink tint but after a couple minutes it went away. I did it twice a week for two weeks and I have to say the midsection of my face looks so good! The pores around my nose and where I got my scar removal done on my cheek looks much smaller and smoother. I also had a lot of flakey skin on my nose from squeezing (I know its bad…I can’t help it sometimes!) but after one time of using the mask it helped remove the dead skin off my nose and return it to it’s normal state. Applying makeup after the mask was so good too.


I didn’t break out afterwards or have any negative reactions after it. It has skin brightening and soothing extracts from mulberry and liquorice plants. I think this is a product that you have to use regularly to see an impactful result. Each of these mask sheets cost 5,500KRW. I bought mine for cheaper than this at Olive Young. I would recommend buying a few to try for a week or over two weeks time. I really like this was because there is very little rubbing or touching the face directly. I hope you can try this out! It’s quite different from any of the masks I’ve tried.

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