Why I wear sunscreen everyday…

Getting my tan on in sunny Thailand.

It’s typical in Korea during summer or on any sunny day to see a lot of women wear wide brim hats, parasol, big sunglasses, T-shirts over bikinis, face masks, gloves, and arm coverings because we are vampires… haha jokes but women here take UV rays seriously. An Asian beauty ‘secret’ that my mom would tell me was to avoid the sun and always wear sunscreen and I finally listened.

When I was younger, in my golden days of youth, when sunspots and wrinkles were never a care, I never wore sunscreen and never considered it important to put in on. Now I can see the results of my waywardness of not protecting my skin from the sun. My sunspots aren’t hugely noticeable to others but I can see it. I can cover it with my makeup but I know it’s there. Makes me a little sad…ah-wahh.

Sun spots on your skin can get worse if you don’t treat them and you’ll get even more if you don’t protect your face or anywhere on your skin from harmful UV rays. Sure you can fade them but preventing them from appearing is the most important! Sunscreen is cheaper than spot fading treatments and serums, so might as well take care of  what you have already so you don’t have to spend so much later. Whether I’m going to be outside for ten minutes or the whole day, I put on sunscreen every time.

So some of you already know this but for those that don’t this is what you need to know. There are two kinds of rays, UVA and UVB. To be simple, UVB rays will give you sunburns while UVA rays will go deep within the skin and destroy your face. It’s harsh but it’s always good to know these things. Why am I telling you this? You need to find sunscreens that will protect you from both these kinds of rays; UVA the most . UVA protection is labeled as e.g. PA +++.  The more +’s the more protection. Sunscreens that says ‘broad spectrum’ tells you that it will protect you from both kinds rays. Oh, also UVA rays can go through glass and clouds so there’s no running away from it.

The science in developing sunscreens have vastly improved for makeup junkies like you and me. There is a plethora of SPF infused makeup products. From lipstick to primers and foundation you have a whole selection of sun protectant products. They’re not like white clown makeup anymore! And it’s less tacky feeling and absorbs into your skin easily.

My BB creams and CC creams are SPF 35, my tinted sunscreen is SPF 50+, my primers are SPF 40, and foundations range from SPF 25 to 50. If the foundation I’m going to apply doesn’t have SPF then I prime my face with my tinted sunscreen or one of my face primers. It’s really convenient to have a SPF in your foundation so if you’re in a rush you don’t have to apply two things.

If you’re like me and love being out in the sun just make sure you’re taking care of your skin! Slap some SPF on and enjoy the day. Hope your day is sunny and awesome~

Kat Von D- Monarch Eye Shadow Palette Review and Swatches


The Monarch palette came out in spring 2014 and it also came out together with another similar palette called Chrysalis which has a range of cool-toned eye shadows. In this palette the eye shadows are warm-toned with colors ranging from a burnt orange copper to very black.


So, when I first got it in the mail I was surprised how big the palette was! The packaging is made out of study cardboard with a full width mirror so you pop in in your bag when you go travelling or in a rush. The outside is decorated with an edgy butterfly theme matching the palette’s name as well as Kat Von D’s artistic style.

The palette comes with three generously sized base/highlighting shades and nine eye shadows. The palette combines a mix of matte, glitter, and pearl texture so that you can create lots of different looks with just one palette. More bang for your buck. My favorite colors in the palette are Telepathy (sheer gold pearl base shadow), Wrath (deep pearl copper orange), and Vanish (matte taupe). Here are the swatches and you can click on the picture for a larger version.

Left to right: (base/highlight shadows) Entomology, Telepathy, Tiny Death, (eye shadows) Wrath, Papilio, Summerfly, Killing Jar, Delaney, Vanish, Disintegration, Shadow Box, Deadhead

The colors in this palette are SO nice! The eye shadows are triple-milled so it’s creamy, buttery, and soft. The colors are really pigmented so a little goes a long way. Also, it lasts quite well throughout the day. The colors seems to stick to your lids even with just one swipe and bends nicely too. Another good thing to note is that the eye shadows are also infused with antioxidants like rose extract and vitamins A, C, and E.
It sells for $46.00 USD which I think is such a deal because of beautiful the high pigmented colors, great formula, and performance of this palette. Overall, I am more than satisfied with it. I hope you can all try it out some time and experience “A metamorphosis of color.”

Why every woman needs a red lipstick

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
― Gwyneth Paltrow

I love red lipstick and every woman needs at least one shade of red lipstick!  My mom always wore many shades of red lipsticks and when I was a girl I would try them out for fun. She was a big influence on me and my philosophies about red lipstick. In my opinion, when you grow up it’s just one of those colors that tells the world that you’re a woman! I’m not saying if you don’t have one you aren’t a woman, but to me it’s one of those unofficial rite of passage from a girl to a lady.

I think it’s a beautiful color on any skin color and definitely brightens your complexion.  It’s just a classic color that doesn’t go out of trend, ever. You can wear it all year long without hesitation about what season it is. Red is such a powerful color, it just grabs the attention of everyone you see. It’s a real confidence booster. You can never have too many red lipsticks, in my opinion!

Wearing Ruby Woo at work 🙂

Whatever your style, there is always going to be a red for you. It could be sheer, opaque, glossy, matte, or sparkly, just find the red that matches your personality and have fun with it! Another thing to consider is think about how you’re going to wear it. Are you going to wear it only for special occasions or everyday? Also, consider your everyday environment. Where are you most of the day? Office, home, school, or outdoors? Like I said before, there are tons and tons of red lippies with different textures and opacity to suit your beauty lifestyle.

When you’re shopping around for a red lipstick, go and try it on because the same red on your friend isn’t going to look the same on you. You might love it or hate it. My favorite red is Ruby Woo from MAC. It is a blue-red with a matte finish.Which is your favorite? If you don’t have one yet, go find your RED! 🙂

MAC-Cinderella Collection Review


With the recent release of the live-action Disney’s Cinderella, MAC has released the beautiful and awesome and sparkling Cinderella Collection! I had been waiting for it to come out for such a long time and it finally did on March 7th in Korea. I decided to get the Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette, Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped, and the Cinderella Tinted Lipglass in Happily Ever After. Seriously they are so pretty, it makes me want to cry a little. Anyway, let’s begin the reviews!


Etude House- Color in Liquid Lips Review


I’m desperately waiting for summer, but all I can do for now is to color my lips with the brightest shade of pink! Etude House released their new line of liquid lipsticks called “Color in Liquid Lips”. A little bit awkward to say, but this lip range has 20 glossy and high-pigmented colors that will pop, pop, pop! When I went to the shop to pick one up I was standing in front of the stand for almost an hour testing and picking which one I wanted… I think the store lady got a bit frustrated haha but I gotta do what I gotta do. Eventually after much wiping and applying, I chose PK004 Rose in Bloom. Krystal from the Korean girl group f(x) is the spokesmodel for Etude House’s new product and her picks are PK006 Always in Pink and OR205 Made in Sweet. Etude House is really pushing the “in” theme for the names. 😛


PK004 is one of the nine pink shades they have in this lip range. I would describe it as like a neon hot pink-watermelon. The color definitely brightened my complexion. The formula is very light and not at all sticky. It feels like a light dry oil texture. The color is very very bright and with one sweep of the teardrop shaped wand you can get a full coverage of color on your lips. DSCF6501DSCF6504I was really impressed with the color pay off when I was swatching the colors on my hand. Also, even after I wiped it off my lips it left a pretty pink stain so you can imagine how much pigment are packed in these 3.5 g tubes. These liquid lipsticks do not disappoint. With so many different colorful shades there is bound to be a shade for every skin tone. One thing to watch out for is that it will bleed a little into the lines around your lips because of the very liquid texture. So make sure you prep and prime your lips and if you have a clear lip liner line your lips. Other than that I love it! Definitely check these out in store if you can and it costs KRW 9,500. Such a deal for so much color!

Etude House March Haul

Not long ago I did a mini shopping spree at Etude House, which is a very pink and girly Korean cosmetic brand, and bought myself some of the new products they had in store. I will write individual reviews and pictorials soon, but for now check out the Liquid in Lips review.


I got the Face Designing Brightener in Pink Beam Face, Give Me Chocolate eyeshadow in Cacao Fudge #3, Color in Liquid Lips in Rose in Bloom PK004, and Play 101 Pencil in #35. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about them! Stay tuned~