Orgavalley In Nature 24 Nutritive Deep Cleanser

Don't panic it's organic!

Hey guys, so I received this product from BB Cosmetics to review and like any other reviews I will be telling you all the facts and my honest opinions about the product. I've never heard of Orgavalley until BB Cosmetics reached out to see if I would do a review. I have sensitive skin so anything that has natural ingredients or labeled as organic I'm all over it! Also, I wear makeup everyday and all day, so this 'deep cleanser' was a welcomed product to put by the bathroom sink. Orgavalley is a K-beauty brand that specializes in organic skincare. What's also cool is that along with the organic ingredients they ferment these herbal ingredients in to nano-particles. It's smaller than your pores! This way the active ingredients can really get into the skin.

The OV In Nature 24 Nutritive Deep Cleanser come in a really nice packaging. it has a wooden top and the body is a plastic pump. It holds 120ml of product and you need about 2-3 pumps to wash your face with. One pump was definitely not enough for cleansing. The smell is nice, herbal. There is no added fragrance.

The ingredient list is very short.

Water, Olive oil, Rosemary leaf water, Peppermint leaf water, Aloe ferox leaf extract, lavender leaf extract, glycerin, potassium hydroxide, Lavender oil, lemongrass oil.

Like most organic products it doesn't produce a lot of foam. You really have to work it in your hands to get it even a little bit frothy. At first It really just slips on your skin and it doesn't really feel like it's getting the makeup, but then when you go to rinse it starts to feel squeaky. After drying off the water I waited about 5 mins to see how drying it was going to be. Compared to regular bar soap or foam cleansers this is really good at keeping the skin feeling comfortable and didn't tighten my skin in any way. At a glance it looks clean but after going around with a cotton pad with some cleansing water there was still a bit of makeup on my skin. I was already skeptical that it would clean off all my makeup. I even washed my face twice after and it still had little traces of makeup. I will add that even though I washed my face for the third time my skin felt fine, no sensitivity or dryness. It is a really gentle cleanse, even children can use this.

If you're looking for an all in one makeup cleanser then this is a NO BUY. You definitely have to clean off the makeup with a wipe or oil cleanser then do a second cleanse with this. HOWEVER, if you are wanting an organic and chemical free cleanser that is super gentle on the skin and not drying, this is worth getting. This would be a great morning cleanser or as a cleanser for minimal to no makeup days. It is 34.00USD so it's not cheap, but because more care goes in to harvesting the ingredients it's reasonable in my opinion.

You can get this at BB Cosmetics and use my code 'sarahomgb' to save some money on any of your purchases on the site. Use it, don't use it, I don't profit from codes, so… *imitating Janet Jackson* It's all for you, If you really want it~.

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