Nooni Snowflake Cleanser Review

Hi guys! This week flew by and we’re almost a week in of 2017. The Nooni Snowflake Cleanser is one of my first purchases this year. It’s been picked as Consumer’s Choice in the cleansing cream category on Glow Pick, a Korean beauty review website, last year for the month of June and July. I’d been eyeing it for such a long time and decided to finally purchase and try it for myself. I bought it on Memebox for 25,000KRW (120g). Let’s get into the review!


The cleanser comes in a plastic jar with a pink scooper and protective lid. The cleanser reminds me of the Banila Co.’s Clean it Zero cleanser.The first four main ingredients both the Nooni cleanser and Banila Co. uses are mineral oil, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, PEG-20 Glyceral Triisostearate, and Polyethylene. Which are either emoilments, skin smoother, or skin conditioner. The Nooni cleansers added ingredients include shea butter, oxygen, lotus flower extract, satsuma peel extract, and kaolin (mineral clay). It does have added fragrance so beware if you have sensitive skin. The selling point of the cleanser is the Jeju oxygen water that claims to give a deep clean better than other cleansers made with regular water.


The texture is like sherbert and melts instantly as it gets in contact with your skin and then turns into a cleansing oil formula, and when it gets in contact with water it turns into a milky lotion. It key features is that it removes thick makeup, purifies the pores, and removes impurities and excessive sebum. Well, I tested it and I believe it only did 70% of what it said. I was super disappointed with its cleansing power. This is a not a clean-it-all one step cleanser and double cleansing is necessary. I did as directed and I massaged for even longer the second AND third time I used it. At first after you dry your face it looks clean but I went ahead and rubbed around with a cotton pad with cleansing water on it and it picked up so much makeup! I don’t think I wear that much make up that it still left a film of makeup residue on my skin, and even if I did it claims that it removes thick makeup. Anyway, two good things about it would be that it’s not drying and it’s good at breaking the makeup down quickly.


Although I am disappointed with this cleanser, I’m all for making products work somehow. I think this is a great second cleanser if you feel like you have some makeup left over from the first cleanse or using it to break down heavy makeup before doing a second cleanse. Also, another good way to use this is a clarifying massager. I think it’s a suitable cleanser in the morning if your skin feels congested.


This is a product that worked so well on other people and not me so I’m a bit sad. It didn’t fail completely, but because I had to test it out multiple times to check if it was doing it’s job tells me that this product is a no go. I’ll finish using it however I won’t be repurchasing it. If you’ve tried this let me know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading 😁.

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