No Holiday Stress With This Pinky Cream From Vichy 

Hi guys!

With Christmas just around the corner and cool winter weather, your skin is bound to get dried out from both outside elements as well as from the pumped up heating inside the department stores and office buildings. I have a quick solution and that’s the Vichy Idealia  Smoothing and Illuminating cream.

I bought it a few weeks ago and it has replaced my very expensive SK-II RNA cream. I feel that the Vichy cream is a little more hydrating than the SK-II so for the rest of winter I’m going to use as much as I can of it. The good thing about the cream is that it comes in two different types, normal to combination and dry skin. I bought the dry skin one.

After first use I did feel that my skin felt very smooth and hydrated. Also my skin looked illuminated, but I think that was the doing of mica in the cream. The cream has some good skin helping ingredients like Kombucha 3%, AHAs, Vitamins, Probiotics and Polyphenols. Kombucha is supposed To help with detoxifying, skin elasticity, tone, texture, and clarity. It seems like a miracle ingredient but there hasn’t been a great many trials on it, so I can’t say for sure. But other than that vitamins, AHAs, probiotics, and polyphenols are known to be beneficial to the skin.

This is a great cream to use under your makeup because it doesn’t feel greasy but after your skin feels really soft and illuminated like an illuminating base or primer. After using it for a few weeks my skin feels hydrated even after sleeping and in the morning my skin feels very smooth. I think this is a great cream for younger people in the early twenties to early thirties. It will help with wrinkle care and skin texture. If you have deeper wrinkles then I suggest you skip this and go for a more concentrated cream and serums.

To apply I spread it all over my face with my finger tips then I like to massage my cheekbones and jawlines by pinching gently to get the blood flowing. Then finish with gentle pats around the face. It’s a really good daily cream that ticks the boxes for hydration and anti-aging. The cream is hypoallergenic but it is perfumed a little bit and it has Vichy thermal water that is soothing to sensitive skin types. The cream goes for 59,000KRW at Vichy’s Korean website.

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