NEW S/S 2016 Missha Glam Art and Flash Rouge

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Sorry this post is late…  I thought I could write it up earlier, but that didn’t happen haha. Enough excuses! The Missha Glam Art Rouge came out late February and I was really excited to go purchase these new suckers because the packaging was absolutely beautiful! It’s so sleek and chic, and the little lip print on the actual lipstick was icing on the cake. Missha also came out with a liquid lipstick version as well which is called Glam Flash Rouge. Another reason I bought it because in Korea they are giving away a 3 color Glam Art Rouge lip palette. Who doesn’t want free makeup right? To make this review easier to follow I’ll start of with the general information of both lip products then two separate review. Let’s get on with the review!


The Glam Art Rouge lipstick has 20 colors to choose from which is the most Missha has come out with. The Glam Flash has 10 colors to choose from. Both types include beiges, brown, oranges, corals, purples, reds, and pinks. The choice is yours! I think they did a good job with the color selection. It’s not as daring or out there like non-Korean brands, but the colors are gorgeous. I know I mentioned this in the beginning, but the packaging is awesome. Both of the body is shaped like a lip and the clean lines make this a treat to carry around in your makeup bag. The lipstick has weight too, so it feels a little more luxurious.dsf.png

I will start with the Glam Art Rouge review. I had such a hard time picking just one color to get. (I’m on a budget…) Anyway, I decided to get one of the 2 beige colors in the line, BE02 Mocha Cookie. The color breakdown in the line is 4 reds, 4 pinks, 4 corals, 2 browns, 2 purples, 2 beiges, and 2 oranges. All of them have no shimmer or glitter it’s just pure color. The application is really easy because the lipstick just melts on to the lips. Also, it adheres well on the lips. But I did notice it doesn’t smooth out my lips and kind goes into the cracks of my lip wrinkles so to avoid this I have to apply a thin layer by dabbing it on my lips. It’s formulated with Bulgarian Rose oil and Rose of Jericho to keep your lips moisturized. The color lasts a good few hours, the sheen will fade but the tint will still be left over. I want to add another thing which is the shape of the lipstick inside, it has an edge with a rounded bottom, so it’s really easy to apply to the shape of you lips without worrying about going all wonky. Overall I think Missha did a very good job with these lippies. *applause* Each costs 19,800 KRW.


I couldn’t color balance it… so this the best I could do.



I think my swatch is more accurate. It’s less pink than shown here.

Now the Glam Flash Rouge! To be honest, I like this a little more than the Art ones. It’s kinda hard to compare but I think this one looks better on my lips. I like the glossiness and I like the formula of this one because it coats my lips without worrying about the lines on lips. I got the color PK02 Sugar Tart, and all of the colors don’t have any glitter or shimmer. The applicator is pretty neat, from the side it’s quite flat and on one side it’s completely smooth and the other side is fuzzy. So you can use the smooth part to dispense product on your lips and then use the fuzzy side to spread it. Other than that there isn’t anything especially great about it that probably it’s a lot cheaper than the Art. Each cost 15,800KRW.



Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.59.44 PM.png
My swatch and the Missha swatch is so different!!

Do you think you’ll be purchasing?

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