NEW Moody Bloody Pro Tailor Essence Cushion and Lipstick Review

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA over past weekend, I had a lot of things going on, so I didn’t have time to sit and write a blog post. In this post I’ll be reviewing the new Espoir Pro Tailor Essence Cushion and one of the new lip colors from the No Wear S formula range. I was sent these two items from Espoir, I’m gonna say whatever I want lol. This collection is launching in stores on October 14th and has already prelaunched online. The complete line includes the cushion, semi-matte and matte lipsticks, eye shadows, nail varnish, mascara, and a fragrance. It’s a pretty well rounded collection. The main color theme of this collection is a variation of reds thus called ‘Moody Bloody’. The esthetics of this collection is to ‘die’ for hehe. Now let’s get to real review!


The cushion is a new type of formula in the Espoir line. There is the original Pro Tailor Cushion EX, but this has added essence in the formula. They also have a solid compact version of this formula. This formula claims to boost moisture while giving you a healthy clear coverage. The essence is a green tea extract, and it is released as soon as it touches the skin (‘Green Tea Trap Essence’). Creating a mist like appearance on the skin. In other words this is a dewy cushion. There is also a ‘Sheen Coating Pigment’ that in any light your skin will have a dewy sheen that doesn’t look like your makeup but your skin.


I’ve been wearing it out for a few days and I could tell that it was a very dewy and moist cushion. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all, just really fresh moisture. The best thing about this cushion is that it doesn’t look dry on my skin. The sheen is amazing. It looks like your skin but better and just washed and moisturized.


I did get a color that doesn’t match my skin tone, which it probably my mistake for not asking them, but otherwise this cushion is really nice. It dries to a glowy finish but it doesn’t move around the face or sticks into wrinkles a lot. The wear was quite long too and I didn’t notice any darkening of the color. Touching up was a breeze, it doesn’t cake up so you just get flawless dewy skin. The coverage is not so high, there is a transparency so you will see dark or black freckles however it does cover up redness and 70% of my dark circles. The smell is a little strong, Its a floral green tea smell.


There are 8 colors to choose from, and if you’re a NC25-30 you should get the ‘Tan Healthy’ color but it might still be light. I have the color Petal and it is a neutral beige. Also, the cushion comes in a red square shaped compact. It costs 38,000KRW which includes the red case and one refill with an extra puff. I do have a white one with “Moody Bloody” lettering on the top, which might have to be bought separately.


There are two different formulas in this collection the No Wear M and No Wear S. I received the No Wear S in Wild Wish (WN 601). When I saw what was in the collection I was super excited about this one. All of the Moody Bloody collection lipsticks come in cases that is the same color as the actual lip color. It’s reminds me of the MAC X Giamattista Valli collection. Anyway the ‘S’ in No Wear S is for semi-matte. It has oil/silicone-like texture so it glides on smoothly on the lips and envelops your lips with a thin but highly pigmented layer of color. It feels feather-light and because it has a pigment fixing powder already in the formula you don’t have to retouch it or worry about it bleeding out of your lips. The formula also has nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and tocopherol acetate (antioxidant).


I absolutely love the color, formula, and the long wearing ability of the color. However I did notice that it clings and accentuates the dry patches on my lips. I just had to go over the dry parts and spread the lip color out with a lip brush and it was less obvious. I really wish they could have sent me the matte ones so I could compare the differences.


So that’s it for this review! Also when you spend 40,000KRW on the Moody Bloody Collection you can get a free hand mirror! I hope you found this resourceful in your k-beauty endeavors. I’ll be posting another look I did with these two products on my Instagram @ohmyglossblog so if you’re not following me already then please do! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on Saturday with a new post!


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  1. what mac shade are you? 🙂

    1. i’m a NC 30!

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