NEW!!! Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Review!

Hey everyone!

Yayayayayayay!!! I have been waiting for Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Ultra HD (UHD) foundation to come out and I purchased it last week. I love a good foundation and I absolutely love the MUFE Face&Body and the MUFE original HD foundation was a popular foundation among beauty lovers. So from that I knew in my heart that the new UHD foundation was going to be great.


The original HD and the UHD foundations were created for the advancement of high definition technology. So if you were on camera it wouldn’t look like you had stage makeup on. The UHD foundation was created  for the 4K cameras/TVs that has over 8 million active pixels. That’s a lot of pixels… and you know, the higher the pixel the more details you can see. The UHD foundation is to help blur out the imperfections without the heaviness of a full coverage foundation.The UHD has a special 4K Complex that will give your skin a natural finish that’s comfortable to wear all day. It also has hyaluronic spheres to keep your skin moist but not oily.

I read a couple of reviews on Sephora and it had low ratings. I didn’t quite understand why though. First, I think many people thought that because the original HD foundation gave a full coverage that the new and improved foundation would do that too. But actually the UHD foundation gives a medium coverage. You can definitely build it up for more coverage but expecting it to give you full coverage is shouldn’t affect the rating. Also, who said full coverage was better? Don’t be disappointed with what you thought you’d expect when it clearly says on the box “medium coverage”. Amiright?

It looks like it has a slight film over it. It must be the 4K complex! Also this is less than half a pump.

I think the aim and purpose with the UHD foundation was for the comfort of the wearer, yes maybe they had to sacrifice the high coverage aspect but that’s why we have concealer. Also, If you’re needing more than 1 pump to cover your face I think you’re doing it wrong. I read one review that said she needed 3 pumps? that is way too many pumps. I dunno if she did layers or a full three pumps in the beginning but I really think that is a waste of foundation. I think the UHD foundation is really nice, it doesn’t dry out my skin, lasts until the end of the day, has an awesome 40 shade color range, and gives a natural skin finish. By natural skin finish I mean not too greasy looking or too matte. Just enough sheen to make it look like real skin.

Half a pump is more than enough to cover my hand. So don’t get crazy on your face.

To apply the foundation you can use a flat foundation brush or stippling brush but I use a round tapered brush (MUFE 152 wavy brush) and apply in strokes. Then, in light circular motions I buff out the lines. I’ve only needed to pump once to get a very “solid” light medium coverage.

Blended and spread out.

The foundation goes for a hefty 43.00USD/60,000KRW. Its definitely worth a try if you have used the original HD foundation. Maybe you’ll be disappointed, maybe not. I won’t say its an improved version but more of a reformulation of the original. I like it and recommend it.


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4 Replies to “NEW!!! Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Review!”

  1. Sweet! I really liked the original MUFE HD foundation, it felt so good on my face 🙂 Thanks for the post!

    1. You’re welcome!! Def try out the new version. It’s same but different hahaha

  2. Which shade did you get? (For reference)

    1. They only had one shade in Korea which is called Light. 🙂

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