NEW Laneige BB Cushion- Pore Control Review & Comparison

Hello OMGlossers! I have finally found the time to sit and write this long awaited post for you guys.. I’m just assuming that you’ve been waiting hahaha. So Laneige was hyping up their new and improved cushions at around May then it came out last month. I was really excited to check it out but for the longest time the Aritaum store by my place didn’t have the shade I wanted so I had to wait… I could have gone to another store, but hey I’m loyal to my Aritaum ajumma hahaha. Finally, I got it and I’ve been testing it out for over two weeks and I am ready to tell all about it.


Originally, Laneige has three types of BB cushions which are whitening, pore control, and Anti ageing. Only two of the three were revamped and reformulated, whitening and pore control. I bought the pore control because I loved the pore control one before I switched to the anti ageing for the winter months, and I don’t need whitening. The new Laneige BB Cushions come in a new case which is a tad bit slimmer and compact than the original case. Also instead of being color coded like whitening is a white top case and pore control is a light blue top case, all the cases have the same holo effect top case. I love the new cases, however I will mention that the new cases will not fit older cushion refills. I’ve tried, I’ve cried, and I’ve moved on.


The puff is also different. It’s a little bit smaller and the texture is more dense and smooth and a little less spongy. As in the puff doesn’t soak up so much of the product.I really like the newer puff because it gives me a smooth even finish and it makes the product adhere to my skin better. The sponge that holds the BB also helps too. They call it the Skin Fit cushion and instead of a plain sponge to hold the product in the cushion the cushion is embossed with a diamond pattern. The new cushion is more dense and helps to get an even spread of product on the puff. I can say for sure it’s much better than the old flat cushions.


The new pore control as well as the whitening one have new formulations. The Pore control healthy matte finish and blurs pores very nicely. This might freak oily/combination skin people out, but the pore control is more moist than the older version. Don’t fear oily/combination skin people, it’s not oily, just moist. I have dry skin and when I used the old pore control bb cushion I could feel that my skin felt a little tight, but with the new one my skin feels very comfortable. How is this possible? The pore control has a two step oil control system. The oil balancing powder absorbs the excess oil on the skin while leaving hydro ion mineral water and pine tree leaf extract to keep the skin from drying out and keep the oil at bay. This is a girls dream come true! This pore control can work with any skin type. The lasting power is about 12 hours. I been using the pore control on the hottest, most humid days, and I can say with confidence that it did not budge or that it melted off my face. Even after a sweaty session at the gym, my skin looked fine. The new pore control formula is spot on!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.32.06 PM.png



Now the sad part… for me at least. So Amore Pacific has been really emphasising the revelation of warm, neutral, and cool tone skin, and understanding that there are different kinds of skin tones even in a conformity driven Korea! OHHHH JINJJA (sarcasm intended)?! Ugh… so like the new IOPE Air Cushion, Laneige decided that they would also jump on the cool (tone) boat and come out with 4 cool tone shades.  The cool tones are pink toned and the neutral ones have a yellowy base. SO THAT’S GREAT… but guess what? THEY’RE A SHADE LIGHTER!!!!!! Laneige was the only brand that had the formula that I liked and a shade dark enough for my skin tone and they ruined it by lightening up their shades. The neutral shades are also slightly more brighter yellow than the original. It doesn’t look horrible on me, but it’s really annoying to have to warm up my face with something else when I just want to be finished. If you were to purchase it I would still get the shade you always get, but know that it’s going to be lighter than the original BB cushion shades. I love the new and improved BB Pore Control, but like I said, I really wish they hadn’t messed with the original shades. The case plus 2 refills cost 37,000KRW.

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  1. Great blog!! I have the same problem!!! I was so thrilled to finally find a bb cushion that fit my skins color and a month later they revamped it… Seems so much lighter than before… Do you have any suggestions for a different bb cushion that is fit for tanner skin?

  2. Flowercrown says: Reply

    Nice review, is the refill can fit into iope aircushion 2016 and vice versa? I cant decide which one to buy, which do you think is the better? Thanks! =)

  3. Thanks for the lovely review. I have been using #21 on the older version, which I feel like I could go a tad bit darker. I never tried #23 before because I would rather look like having glowing skin than tanned skin. Unfortunately where I reside doesn’t have laneige cushion for sale hence I cannot test the shades out whatsoever, and I have to order online. Now that seeing you mentioned the newer version has a lighter shade, I am thinking if I should get #23 instead. Hm…

  4. I am really interested in your opinion of these cool tones. I’m considering buying the anti-aging version of this product, but don’t know if I am 11C (cool porcelain) or 13C (cool ivory). Both look a little pink for me, but the warm tones are all too yellow. Currently I’m wearing It Cosmetics CC 50+ cream in Fair. You are just about the only person talking about these new shades. Are they forgiving enough that neither choice would be wrong, or would I look like a ghost if 11C is too pale?

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