NEOGEN Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling – 🍋LEMON🍋

Hey guys! It is officially fall in the northern hemisphere, and that means my skin is adjusting back to the chilly mornings and night and drying winds. I have been using the NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling regularly for the last couple months and it has been such a convenient way to exfoliate my skin. Also it has been particularly helpful to my skin during this seasonal transition. These peeling gauzes have been very popular in Korea for a while and with the loveable Honey Lee being the face of NEOGEN it’s hard not to take a second look and try what the buzz is about.


There are 3 different types of gauze peels, wine, lemon, and green tea. I have the lemon one and it smells so good every time I open it up. The packaging is simple plastic jar, however it might seem a bit big for some, it takes up a lot of counter space. The gauze inside the jar is soaked up in the exfoliating juices ready for immediate use. The gauze is made up with 3 layers. The first layer is 100% cotton gauze, then a cushion pad, and the last layer is an embossed cotton pad. The middle layer is there to help the gauze layer not dry up as you exfoliate your skin and to hold the essence in the pad so that it doesn’t drip everywhere.



To use first you start out with the gauze side and without any pressure, gently wipe around the face, neck, décolletage, or other problem areas. Then flip it over to the embossed cotton side and gently wipe off the leftover dead skin/dirt and tap the essence into the skin. Afterwards rinse it with lukewarm water and apply your regular skincare routine. At first when I tried it I thought the gauze peel felt too harsh but I was putting too much pressure than necessary, so just a note BE GENTLE. Other than that I love the gauze part, its much less abrasive than bead/seed/shell exfoliants. Also the essence is more of the exfoliant than the gauze itself.


The essence is made up of lemon extract, lemongrass extract, papaya extract, soy bean extract, lactic acid, and glycol acid. The lemon brightens skin because of the high vitamin C content and the lemongrass helps with skin elasticity. Papaya is a natural skin renewing ingredient and the soybean helps with elasticity as well as moisturizing the skin. So for those of us who want clarified and bright looking skin this is the one to get.


I love using it. It’s just so easy and fast to use. Each time I use it my skin looks brighter and smoother so it does what it says. I didn’t have any bad reactions to it. I also like to use it on my elbows after I use on my face and neck. I started using twice a week and now I just use it once a week since I use other exfoliants. I really want to try the wine ones because wine… 😋. Each jar has 30 pads and goes for 22,900KRW (760KRW per pad). These are available to purchase on Sephora too.

yay for brighter looking skin!

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  1. Where else can you buy these in Seoul besides online and Sephora?

    1. They have them at Olive Young! 😀

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