Neogen – Code 9 Black Volume Cream

Hi! I am here to finally review the Neogen Code 9 Black Volume Cream. I say finally because I got this as a gift from Neogen last summer when I went to their headquarters. I started using it but the colder winter months came so I changed to heavier creams. But since spring is approaching I brought it out of hibernation to fully test it and review it for you guys.



So Code 9 is a sub-branch of Neogen and Code 9 stands for Convenient, One step skincare, Dynamic, Effects, and the 9 is the number of skincare effects that it uses to treat your skincare concerns. Code 9 has a trendy and chic packaging. The Black Volume Cream comes with a silicone spatula and a plastic base that holds the cream and the spatula together. It looks really nice on when it’s all set up. The spatula can be used on both ends, the narrow end to scoop up the product and the wider end to spread out the cream on the skin. Sometimes I use the spatula to put on liquid face masks/peels. It’s easy to use and clean.


The texture and the consistency is very unique. It’s a gel but very bouncy and thick, slightly like hair gel, but for your skin. It has a variety of moisturizing ingredients. The first five ingredients are water, butylated glycol (surfactant), glycerin, niacinamide (antioxidant), hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid solution (prevents water loss). Also, the list of natural extracts is a crazy long. 49 of the extracts are black anthocyanins, black pigmented, such as blackberry, black bean, and black currant. It also has citric acid that can slough off dead skin cells and speed new cell turnover as well as ginseng root extract and ceramide. It has absolutely no oil, so it’s suitable for any skin type.



It claims to hydrate your skin for 50 hours and volumize and plump up the skin. It’s definitely hydrating and I do feel that my skin is plumper after I use it. Also, because it’s a gel type it cools my skin when I go to put it on. putting it in the fridge before applying it is a cooling treat! It feels a little sticky at first but after it settles into the skin it leaves it soft and hydrated. It has no oily feeling but it gives a nice dewy glow on the skin.


You can use it as a hydrating makeup base, sleeping mask, and I especially like to use it after I do a sheet mask because it feels like it traps the sheet mask goodness in. I would highly recommend this because it’s a hydrating cream with anti-wrinkle and brightening effects without any oils and it is loaded with skin loving ingredients. You can purchase this on the Neogen Korean and English website. It retails for 35,oooKRW/38.00USD.


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