Needle Cream?! Bella Monster APA Cream Review


Yes, that’s the first thing I’m going to write for this review. BB Cosmetic sent me the APA Cream from Bella Monster for a review a few weeks ago. I didn’t know anything about the cream before I got it and I was really intrigued after I saw that it contained natural microneedles! APA stands for amazing peeling attack but also it’s how you would  say ‘ouch’ or ‘it hurts’ in Korean. I’ve seen other brands that had microneedle cream and serums, but I was not really interested in getting it for myself. However, it was sent to me, so here I am a review for you.


This cream uses similar micro needling therapy to help skin exfoliation and improve the skin texture. Microneedling is a technique in skin care that punctures the skin and wounds the skin so that the skin generates collagen and thickens the skin. This is a great for acne scars or wrinkles. I wouldn’t go as far as saying the APA cream having the same effects as a micro needling tool, but I would say it’s a good way to start see and feel what it would be like.

Packaging & Formulation

The packaging comes in a plastic squeeze tube and the design looks like a pharmaceutical cream. The cream is a white-ish cream and if you put it to the light it has a grainy surface. The micro needles are naturally derived, from and ocean sponge (hydrolyzed sponge). The other exfoliating ingredient include papaya extract. It also has centella asiatica and squalene. The formula also has contains a BM complex which is a mix of different seaweed that moisturizes and protects the skin.


I’m not joking when I say that it hurts. I didn’t read the directions at first (I’m a dummy) and I rubbed it on my face and at the same the moment I sounded a little yelp. It feels like needles, I’m not going to lie and say it’s pleasant. When you apply the cream you should tap it in the skin and also avoid the eye area. Even after you tap it in when you touch your face you can feel the needles poking. Now, does it work? Yes. I think the cream is moisturizing and its not greasy and as for the ‘amazing peeling attack’ I can say it’s not like your typical peeling cream or scrubs. It does smooth out the skin and I’ve massaged it into pimples and it has helped it go down lot more quickly. Also, this doesn’t contain any chemical exfoliants, so I think this is a good cream to try for those who are allergic or sensitive to them. Yes it hurts, but it hurt in a good way and for a good cause, shiny skin! I recommend that you apply the cream at night though because putting on makeup after this is going to keep on hurtin’ because of the micro needles already in the skin.

Would I purchase this for myself? Probably not. I don’t think I need it in my skincare routine, I don’t have very large pores, scaring, or deep wrinkles. It would definitely be a fun product to try though. If you have tried microneedling before this could also be an interest you. Or if you are afraid of needles and want similar effects of microneedling then this cream is for you. Anyway, my final point is that I don’t think this is a necessity.

For 40mls/1.35 fl.oz. it costs $14.82 on the BB Cosmetic website, you can get it for a little cheaper by using my code ‘sarahomgb‘ at the checkout.

Beauty is pain… Would you be interested in trying this cream?

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