My Summer Foundation!


Summer is near in Korea and it’s gonna be hot and unpleasantly humid.

I love creamy foundations during the dry chilly winters in Seoul but in the Summer I want something light and nothing too oily or creamy. I’m not much of a powder foundation person because of my dry skin so I opt for something water based in the Summer. By the way, the inspiration for this post came from an old high school friend who messaged me to ask what would be a good summer foundation. My recommendation for her was Make Up For Ever’s Face & Body liquid makeup. Keep reading for my reasons why…

So, I was using MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation since March and it was really nice that it kept my face looking fresh and moisturised during the transition from Winter to Spring and now since the weather is getting warmer I’m switching back and forth with the MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation and Make Up For Ever Face&Body. I recently restocked and it was a great decision that I did. So the Face&Body is really light and fresh feeling because it’s a water based gel. If you look at it in the bottle or on the back of your hand it has a jelly like texture. It’s waterproof as well so it’s great if you’re sweating up a storm outside. It’s great for natural makeup because it gives you a satin finish and gives you a smooth, even-toned look. There are so many pro reasons for this foundation! Also, because it’s not a creamy formula it won’t settle into your pores or fine lines.

When you apply this shake it well and I personally use about two pumps to cover my face. It has a sheer to light coverage so if you’re looking for a more opaque foundation then this might not be the one for you. Before you apply wear sunscreen before hand because it doesn’t have any SPF. Make sure you wear skin protectant, you can read why here. I usually pump it on to the back of my hand and then with a foundation brush or a rounded brush, I’m use the MUFE 152 brush, I make lines on my face stroking it from the inside and outward. After that using small circular motion I blend out the lines. It’s a really easy foundation to apply because it’s so light and not streaky. After 30 seconds to a min the foundation will set and dry to a satiny finish.

#32 Alabaster Beige (similar colouring as MAC NC25/30)

If you’re looking for a good summer foundation then try this one out!

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