My Summer 2015 Top 5 Wish list!

Happy days everyone!

So I was online shopping and wondering what I should write about next, I had a great idea that I would share some of the things that are on my makeup wish list. If anyone want to gift/send for review these items I will gladly receive with open arms… hahaha. But seriously, contact me ;P

1. ColourPop eyeshadows!

Eye shadow in Lovely

This company has been popping up in my Instagram feed like everyday. They have a bunch of yummy colors that I want to try. All of the swatches look really nice and pigmented so I want to try it out for myself. You can go to and order online and a single shadow costs $5.00USD. Such a bargain! They also ship to Australia and New Zealand so that’s pretty awesome. (Even though I don’t live in NZ anymore! Haha) Unfortunately they don’t ship to Korea yet… but I will figure out a way to get my hands on them!

2. NARS Tahiti Laguna Bronzing Powder


Well it’s new and limited edition so why shouldn’t it be on my wish list! Laguna is an iconic NARS product and shade and this limited edition comes with a mini Ita kabuki brush. I love it when things come with brushes. Also, this one has a larger color pan than the original without the brush. It goes for a hefty $59.00USD but I think it’s worth it for the awesome golden glow I’ll get all summer long.

3. Surrat Beauty Artistique Highlight Brush

I’m a sucker for brushes made in Japan because I know it’s gonna be bomb quality! Also, I love a good highlight on my face so this highlight brush was calling my name. Especially in summer you want to look glowy so this is the brush to make it happen. It’s made with squirrel hair so it’s gonna be super plush. The one thing is that because it’s so awesome it costs $115.00USD. But I still want it anyway.

4. Foreo LUNA Mini


I really do like a good clean after wearing makeup for the whole day. Also, cleansing is the most important part of my skincare routine. No matter what I always clean and rinse my face morning and night. This mini silicone disk uses a trademarked T-Sonic pulsations to deeply but gently clean your skin. The mini has two sides, a cleaning brush surface and a deep cleaning surface. I know Clarisonic is the big name in skin cleaning tools, but Foreo is definitely making a big change to how we wash our face without having to replace brush-heads. After a full charge you can use it about 300 time so it’s great for summer trips! This mini goes for 139.00USD


5.Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss

Summer is the best time to wear bright lip gloss. Wait… that’s just an excuse. It’s always a good time to wear bright lip gloss! That’s a fact. So the new line of glosses from Urban Decay is to die for! There are 14 high-pigment glosses and it comes in an awesome flat shaped tube so it’s easy to carry around a couple lip glosses in your summer clutch. They’re 22.00USD a pop and  I WANT THEM ALL!

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