MY NEW FAVE LIPSTICK REVEALED!- Korean Brand Espoir No Wear Luster Lipstick

Hey everyone!

Let me just tell you how excited I am to share with y’all this lipstick that I have fallen in love with. Seriously, move over MAC! I have a new love…. (just kidding I still love you MAC) But let me just say these new lipsticks from Espoir are amazing. Espoir is a Korean cosmetic brand that was launched in 2010 that has a urban chic and glamorous personality to it. The first wave of the No Wear lipstick collection was launched in 2012 and the newest No Wear collection are the luster lipsticks. The collections has 15 vibrant colors with good pigmentation. It’s a moisturising lipstick with a subtle sheen and it ‘fits’ to your lips, meaning that it goes on smoothly and evenly.


Espoir 2015 No Wear Luster Lipstick swatches.
I purchased two colors, Sultry and Ignite. It was so hard to pick just two… I wanted all of them. Anyway, Sultry is an orange lipstick and ignite is a purple shade. They are both gorgeous.

ignite and sultry

These lipsticks feel amazing. Every time I put it on it feels like I have nothing on my lips. It feels very natural and comfortable. The color payoff is pretty good as well. The collection are very complimentary and trendy summer shades. The lipstick stays on pretty well. Even after eating lunch I had most of it on my lips. I’m gonna say it again but the texture is so nice. It’s not too watery or slippery feeling nor is it tacky or sticky. It’s perfect.   

 Each lipstick is 19,000KRW and now if you buy a lipstick you can get a free nail polish too. I’m not sure how long of a promotion it is, so go and grab a lippie soon in store or online. Seriously these lipsticks and the other No Wear lipsticks are so nice you will want to buy more than one. For sure I’ll be going back to grab a couple more. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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