My latest lipstick craze- Clio Professional Stay Shine Lip Syrup Stick

Hi everyone!

So last weekend was Olive Young had a huge sale and I purchased some lippes that I saw a couple of weeks back. Originally the Clio lipsticks were 18,000KRW (about 15.00 USD) but they were on sale for I think 14,000KRW maybe less? When I was swatching them in the store I loved everything about it. But before I get into the review I will tell you about the brand.This Korean cosmetics brand was created in 1993 focusing on color makeup. Now they have a stores all around Korea called Club Clio that sells Clio products as well as Peripera makeup and Goodal skincare. They have Korean, US, and Chinese online shops so you can get their stuff delivered right to your door!

The Stay Shine Lip Syrup Stick is a collaboration with Gong Hyo Jin, a Korean actress for fall 2015. She is the spokesmodel for Clio as well. The lipstick line came out together with the Stay Shine Lip Syrup which are the lip gloss version of the Lip Syrup Sticks. The line that I purchased has 8 colors to choose from. I got three of the colors, 3 Mad Candy, 6 Wishful Red, and 7 Dry Rose. Mad candy is a very bright hot pink, wishful red is a deep pink red, and dry rose is a brown red. All the colors are very vibrant and super glossy! The more layers the brighter the color and higher the shine. The formula is very light and very slick. This can be a good thing but I’ve noticed with any liquid lipsticks that are not sticky it bleeds out into the fine lines around your mouth. So I have to use an invisible lip liner before applying it.

I really like them and I’ve been alternating them this week. I hope you can try these out for yourself~

Here are some swatches and pics 🙂


batch_DSCF7756 batch_DSCF7757 batch_DSCF7758 batch_DSCF7759 batch_DSCF7765 batch_DSCF7769


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2 Replies to “My latest lipstick craze- Clio Professional Stay Shine Lip Syrup Stick”

  1. Those swatches are gorgeous!! I think the Dry Rose is my favorite here~
    I’ve been into mattes lately but this makes me want to go back to everything glittery and shiny. 😀

    1. Yeah! I actually got Dry Rose after I bought the other two first~ I just had to go back and get that color. I like matte too but they looked to deliciously syrupy I couldn’t resist 😀

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