My All-time Favorite Cleansing from Aritaum

Hello guys and gals! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite cleansing line that I have bought again and again from Aritaum, and that Ppo-oyan (Miso). Let me just start by explaining the name since it’s not ‘Englishified’. PPo-oyan means to bloom or rise up, and there is another word with the similar sound and spelling without the extra ‘o’ which means milky-white. The Hanja on the bottom is ‘miso’ which means smile. So to conclude, the name is a play on words to describe the blooming effects of it’s fermented ingredients on one’s face. I could go on but I’ll stop here, the Korean language is so interesting when beauty is involved :).



The featured ingredients are fermented rice, bean, and barley. The fermented water and fermented oil work together to melt off the heaviest makeup with ease while hydrating the skin. The lip&eye remover the base oil is coconut. I really love the lip&eye remover, it’s not too greasy or too watery, and it really takes the makeup off so easily so I don’t have to worry about tugging around the eyes. The cleansing oil is also great, on days with lighter makeup I can just use this and my skin feels squeaky clean, but not dry. This stuff is also great for sensitive skin.


The price is the best part of it, for a product that works so well it’s very affordable. All of the Ppo-oyan products are 13,000KRW and down. The bigger sized lip&eye remover is 11,000KRW for 250mL and the cleansing oil is 13,000. I also like to buy the wipes which are 8,000KRW for 40 wipes (200KRW per wipe). If you wear makeup everyday I really recommend that you try these products out. I love them and I hope you will too!


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  1. Thanks for the review! I have one question though… looking at the picture of how lip-eye and face oils remove all the make up from your arm, I wonder: why do I need separate lip-eye remover if general face cleansing oil already does the job? I’m a big cleansing oil fan, but till now with all 7-8 different ones that I tried through the years I did not need extra product for my eyes/lips (I use pencil-type eye liner, non-waterproof mascara and simple lipstick or gloss).. Oh, and may be you ever tried cleansing oil Flower Bouquet from Missha? They seem to discontinue it, and it was my all the time favorite: rather thin for the oil, nice light aroma and great cleaning without stripping skin from it’s moisture… did you, may be, tried something similar? Thank you in advance.

  2. […] clean. I would suggest removing makeup on the eyes and lips separately with a makeup remover. My HG Aritaum Ppo-yan Lip & Eye Makeup remover and Cleansing Oil (11,000KRW for 250mL and the cleansing oil is […]

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