MOONSHOT- Face Perfection Balm Foundation Review

Hey guys! This is my second post about a Moonshot product. Last week I posted about the Moonshot Jelly Pots. I bought this foundation at the same time as the Jelly Pots so Ive been using this foundation on and off for about 2 weeks now. So, spring is upon us and maybe you’re wanting to switch up your foundations. I would recommend this foundation for winter, spring, and fall. For summer I think it is too rich of a formula and this foundation is catered more for dry skin because of the balmy texture and moisturising ingredients.

Just from the name and the heavy frosted glass jar packaging you can tell this is a foundation for dry skin. Or at least that’s what I got from looking at it. So, naturally I gravitated towards and got a color match then *KACHING* there goes my monies. There are 6 different colors to choose from 201, 202, 203, 204, 301, and 302. FINALLY a Korean brand that sells more than just two shades! Also I didn’t have to get the lightest shade, the shade I got was 301. What I noticed was that the odd numbers had little less yellowy undertones and a shade lighter than the even numbers.


The foundation is formulated with shea butter, mango seed butter, cocoa seed butter, camilla oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, and organ oil. That’s a pretty impressive list of moisturising ingredients in a foundation. Also it has camucamu fruit extract which is high in vitamin C. I’m not sure how much extract is in the foundation to help the skin other than maybe aid with boosting the SPF25 in the foundation. So don’t expect skin miracles other than keeping your skin soft and moisturized with this foundation. It also has a light sweet floral scent, so if you’re sensitive to smells then this i something to note, but I think it’s faint enough that it doesn’t bother me.

Moonshot FPB.png

The coverage is quite good, I would say it has a medium coverage that can be layered to a full coverage foundation. The texture is like a face cream and applies without dragging and after a few minutes of applying it melts to a nice glowy and dewy smooth finish. So caution to those who have oily skin or have oily patches this might not be the best choice in foundation. It doesn’t have a heavy feeling like the word balm as it’s named to be. It feels comfortable to wear and for me it lasted all day and well into the evening.

moonshot FPB 2.png

To apply I use the pointed end of my foundation brush to scoop a pea sized amount and dab it around my face and then smooth it all over. They do sell a special brush that has a little scooper on the end and a buffing brush on the other end, but it seemed unnecessary for me to get one just because of the scooper thingy. The foundation costs 38,000KRW and 31.00USD on the online shop. One thing is that online there colors are only limited to 201 and 204 :(. I hope you’ll get to try this foundation because it’s a keeper in my beauty book.

What foundation are you currently using?

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