Misusing the Word ‘Natural’ in Beauty and Makeup


Disclaimer-I’m gonna write in a collective manner so don’t get offended, it’s just easier for me to write this way.

In this post I want to share and discuss the idea and saturation of the word “natural” in the beauty and makeup industry and just in everyday beauty talk. i’m not talking about makeup made from natural ingredients, I’m talking about silly things like “natural smoky eye” or “natural contouring”. First of all, “natural makeup” is an oxymoron. Who ever came up with it is a genius because it definitely sells. Maybelline came up with their slogan “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” and I think this is the most honest beauty slogan that’s out there. Because for me it’s a whole lotta Maybelline and other cosmetics that make me look real “natural” for sure. Even if its not makeup I use a crap ton of skincare products and masks to make my skin look “naturally” beautiful. Hahaha do you see what I mean?

If only hahahaha!

It’s just really funny to me that even though we know makeup is not natural we instantly fall in to the idea of looking naturally beautiful is a good thing. As I woke up to write this post I looked in the mirror to see how beautiful I looked bare faced. I saw a very cranky, tired, and puffy looking face staring at back at me. Truly natural. I think we are obsessed over this idea of being naturally beautiful when we live in such a counterfeit society. I would never think that being natural or how God created me had standards of beauty. Who are we to standardize how or what natural beauty should look like. if we keep exploiting this word into our makeup and beauty language how are we to fully embrace (like it or not) how we look natural.

Even when men say that they like natural makeup most of them don’t know what they are talking about because of the constant misuse of this word. It takes just as much makeup and effort to do a natural look. I know that you know that makeup isn’t natural, but how long are we going to let this lie go on? Can’t we just be proud that we wear makeup because we want to make ourselves look better than we woke up? I’m just saying lets not hide or lessen the fact that some of us wear a lot of makeup to look “natural”. There’s no shame in makeup.

Sure, I’m guilty of using this word to describe my makeup because it’s just so easy to use , but I think I will definitely think about how I use this word from now on. Let’s give natural back its intended meaning and just find a better word to describe this look what we presently call “natural”.

What do you think? I’m really curious to know what you think about this.

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