Missha The Original Tension Pact- Intense Moisture & Perfect Cover

Hi guys! Sorry haven’t been blogging regularly on Saturdays, I have been trying to balance my regular job, blogging, social life, church, and doing the radio so I feel like I have no time for myself. But I have a commitment to you and myself that I would be blogging twice a week… I’m gonna be better! So anyway, I am going to be reviewing the Missha The Original Tension Pact. I bought two of the four kinds that are in the line, Intense Moisture and Perfect Cover. The other two are Tone Up Glow and Natural Cover. I didn’t purchase the Tone Up Glow because the pacts are already ‘toning up’ my tan skin color and I thought it was very similar to the Intense Moisture one. The Natural Cover didn’t seem that impressive to me and it was just a weak version of the Perfect Cover one.


All of the pacts are in color coordinated cases, blue is Tone up glow, purple is Intense Moisture, orange is Perfect cover, and peach is Natural cover. The cases are similar to the Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter pact because of the rainbow hologram stripes on the cover of the case. The Missha ones are still have a thicker case than the EH Any Cushion, but it’s not as bulky as your usual cushions. The rubicell puffs are little bigger (2cm) than a regular cushion puff. The tension cover on the product is not as taught as I would have liked it to be but it still does a good job of getting an even layer of product on the puff. Like with all tension pacts you shouldn’t press so hard or it will come out especially on the edges.


I bought shade 23 for both however the tone is different in each pact. The Intense Moisture is a pink beige, Perfect Cover is a yellow beige, Natural Cover is a neutral beige, and the Tone up glow is a peach ivory. I think it’s a great idea but still I hate it because I expect that I should get the same shade in the same line of pacts. I suit yellow more than the pink tones so the way Intense Moisture looked on me  was slightly disappointing. I should also mention that both colors are much lighter than my regular tan skin, no surprise there.


The Intense Moisture has light to medium coverage so it doesn’t cover my dark circles completely. I thought the finish would be dewy but it’s not that dewy as EH Any cushion or Espoir Pro Tailor EX Essence cushion. As the day goes by it starts to look a little powdery. It did however stayed on my skin without bunching up. After about 8 hours it does fade and started to move around with the oils on my face. I didn’t have to retouch several times throughout the day and my skin felt comfortable and moisturized without a sticky feeling. I would give the Intense Moisture Pact a 3.8 out of 5.


The Perfect cover has medium to high coverage and it manages to cover most all of the darkness around my eyes. Yahoo! The finish is natural to a soft matte. I like this pact a lot more than the moisture one. It has good longevity more than the Intense Moisture, after a day of napping, eating, staying out til midnight I barely touched up throughout the whole day. It is not as moist as the Intense Moisture one but with a good hydrating base it can work with dry skin. I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5.

The Perfect Cover and Intense Moisture pacts are 17,800KRW that includes just the case and product, no refill. These refills are 13,000KRW each. The Tone Up Glow and Natural Cover are 15,800KRW that includes just the case and product, no refill. These refills are 11,000KRW each. I don’t know why they did their pricing like this. Out of these two I recommend getting the Perfect Cover version. I get a feeling that they came out with this version first then they decided to make mediocre 3 versions of it. Who knows, but that’s what I think lol.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome week! Love y’all!


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