MISSHA Palette PAINT Liner

Hey guys! I’m having a fabulous Wednesday and I’m going to be reviewing a gel eyeliner today. I think everyone is always in search of a good eyeliner. It’s a win some-lose some type of deal, but when you have that eyeliner that works for you, it’s like finding Waldo in the hardest Waldo puzzle…

Anyway I’m going off topic a little bit. Well I found ‘Waldo’, it’s the Missha Palette Paint Liner. I originally went to the store to get the Missha Color Fix Liner, but to me that was a bit of a dud for me after purchasing it. Luckily, I purchased the Palette Paint Liner the same day, and let me tell ya it did not disappoint.

The Palette Paint comes  in three colors, Black, Brown, and Deep Wine. I bought black because my other black gel liner was all dried up, so I wanted to replace it. The packaging looks like a real tube of art class paint, but mini size, and it comes with a gel liner brush. It has a twist open cap and inside is the special part. The tube opening has a small dish around it so you can control the amount you apply on the brush. Now you don’t have to scrape the excess on the sides of the gel pot, on your hand, or lid. All you have to do is squeeze a dot amount and like an artist control how much ‘paint’ you want on your brush. The brush that comes with the gel liner is not bad. I think 90% of all brushes that comes with the product is useless, but this brush is in the 10%. the bristles are soft and flexible and it’s really easy to create the perfect flick at the end.

The pigmentation is very good, a little goes a long way. I really only need a dot amount and it gives me a solid black line. I can also layer it multiple times and it doesn’t crumble or patchy. It adheres well and glides on smoothly. Like all liners, you have to wait for it to dry before you blink, so just be aware of that if you have hooded eyes or monolids. I really like how it doesn’t crust up like some liners, at the end of the day it looked like how it did in the morning. The formula is very rub proof and waterproof. For me it did not budge all day, I even cried at a wedding and it stayed put. Haha now you know another secret,  I cry at weddings!


Any kind of remover does the job, but i think oil based ones remove it faster. Make sure to wipe the dish after using so the opening doesn’t close up and kept hygienic. For 6g it cost 11,800KRW. I think I will purchased the Deep Wine color sometime because it’s so purty!

What are your fave black gel liners?

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