Mineral House for Troubled, Sensitive, and Inflamed Skin- One Brand Skincare Review

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Thanks for joining me on another skincare review. Today I will be writing about one K beauty brand that specializes skincare for troubled, sensitive, and easily inflamed skin like eczema and photosensitivity. This brand is called Dr.Deep -Mineral House! I was really excited to try out their product when I received them in my K-Beauty Expo editor’s box. I have eczema on my forehead and neck and I’ve tried so many things to keep it under control. Some have worked, others made it worse. I’ve use it for over 3 three weeks and I’m ready to tell you all about it!

So before I start talking about the products I want to talk about the brand a little bit. Dr Deep is a natural mineral cosmetic that helps strengthen skin barrier by moisturizing and nourishing skin. It contains 30 kinds of minerals such as calcium. It helps to improve skin troubles such as atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and water warts on children. The natural herbal ingredients they use helps soothe and moisturize sensitive skin. The formulate their products  without parabens, chemical surfactants, steroids, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives

Aloe Soothing Gel

This was to me the the most mundane product out of the 4. Aloe to me is always a boring ingredient, but after reading the ingredient list I saw that it did have other ingredients as well. It contains 45% aloe juice from Jeju Island what moisturizes and relieves the skin. Fermented grain extracts (rice, soy, and millet) that are rich vitamins. It also contains fermented potato extract, ginseng extract, lavender and chamomile extract that relieves sensitive skin. Last notable ingredient was ceramide NP which helps builds skin moisture barrier.

I can’t say anything bad about this product, it does what it does. It’s not sticky and has no added fragrance. You could use as a gel toner or as very quick and light pre-moisturizer. You can use this for face, hands, and body. You can smooth over a thick layer of the gel as a face pack. As a stand alone product it’s not enough for dry skin, so follow up with a thicker moisturizer. For 120ml it’s 16,000KRW.

ACPA Cleansing Foam

This was another product that didn’t stand out since it was an acne product. I do get pimples here and there, but nothing too serious. I always find acne cleansers very drying and irritating on my eczema patches. However this one is specifically made for sensitive skin types. So if you do have acne and sensitive skin you might want to consider this purchase. It has a low percentage of salicylic acid of 0.3%. It contains Aloe extract, green tea extract, chamomile extract, and calendula extract.

The packaging is a foam pump type so it’s super fast and easy to use. The foam that comes out is nice and frothy. This one doesn’t give your skin that squeaky feeling, but it still feels clean after rinsing! It has a pH level of 4.5-6.5. I wouldn’t use it to take makeup off but as a second cleanser. Afterwards my skin doesn’t pull or feel super tight. This cleanser is a good preventative and during time when I do breakout I can use it without worrying about how dry my skin will feel afterwards. You get 150ml/5.28 oz of product for 25,000KRW.

Acer Mono Sap Essential Skin

This next product is a toner. It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a screw-off top. It is made with Acer Mono tree (maple tree) sap. Acer Mono Sap is rich in Ca, Mg, amino acid, and vitamin A, C. Natural mineral water is a strong skin barrier. It also has Beta-glucan and sodium hyaluronate  improves skin elasticity and aloe vera extract and baobab seed extract help condition and moisturize the skin. There is no added fragrance and it was a watery texture. It very gentle so it will be great for sensitive skin types. It’s hydrating and soothing as well. I quite like it and I’m almost done with the bottle. This in’t a product that will give you drastic results, but it’s a very nice toner! For 120ml/4.22 fl oz it’s 36,000 KRW.

Propolis Synergy Serum

The last product is the Propolis Synergy Serum. The packaging when I first saw it was a little disappointing, but they did changed the packaging! I think it looks much better. 70 percent of the Serum is Propolis extract! Propolis extract prevents and improves skin damage by strengthening the skin barrier. It is also formulated with natural ingredients like lactobacillus, white willow bark extract, oregano leaf extract, sea buckthorn, female ginseng, and others that are rich in ingredients of Omega-3, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The texture is a watery gel with no sticky after feeling. It absorbs fast and has no noticeable scent. Skin feels lightly hydrated. I can’t feel a difference in my skin even after few weeks, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It hasn’t made my skin worse from using it. I like it because it is very gentle and soothing. For 100ml/3.52 fl.oz it is 42,000KRW.

Last Thoughts

If you have sensitive skin, this is a great brand to try out. If you already have great skin and not very sensitive skin you might want to pass because you will not notice a huge difference. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not effective, but usually with skincare people want to see big results. This brand is quite subtle and will require more effort than other chemically formed skincare and cosmetics. You can check out more of their products  at www.minehouse.co.kr. Also, they have international shipping through Amazon.


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