MEMEBOX Korean beauty ordered to your door through an app!

Hey guys!

I talked about a makeover photo app a week or so ago and today I’m letting you know about this beauty shopping app called Memebox. The online brand started in 2012 and they provide customers with the latest in Korean beauty products, culture, and trends at affordable prices. They have two international family sites in America and in China. You can order Korean beauty kits/boxes from them to suit your beauty needs. In Korea I don’t think you can order the same kind of boxes but they do have Memebox brand boxes that have the Memebox makeup in them. Anyway, they have very good deals and discounts on a lot of products daily.


I’ve ordered individual products from them a couple times and the delivery is very fast. They have a lot of Korean brands to choose from too, which is great for those of you living outside of Korea who are wanting to try out Korean products. As for those of us living in Korea, we still can get discounted Korean beauty products as well as slightly discounted products from overseas and high end brands as well. They have a website you can order from in Korea or internationally, but in Korea they do have apps you can easily download on to your phone.  

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like the pressures of shopping for makeup at stores, you can do it anywhere now without being bombarded by makeup suggestion from the people at the counter. Also, they have men’s skincare and beauty products so guys can easily look for what they want on your phone or computer than going to the store. It’s a great app for the lazy or detailed or budget shopper. I like to just browse around to see what’s in trend and it also makes me happy to put items in my shopping basket! Hahaha! anyway, give it a go and check it out. 

Check out the website here (US version here) or search for it on Google Play or iTunes.

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