MAC Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Eye Shadow Tutorial


So this is the one of many looks you can create with the Stroke of Midnight Eye Shadow Palette from the MAC Cinderella collection. This look is suitable for day or night. I used all the colors palette to show you how you can best utilize this palette as a whole. Grab your brushes and let’s go!

First, if you want you can prep your eyelids with a primer. I used Missha The Style Good-bye Crease Eye Makeup Primer on my lids. Take a shading brush and swipe Omega, a beige taupe, over the lids and above the crease.

Cinderella tut 1


Next, With a medium fluff brush swipe Quarry on the bottom lid up to the crease.


Cinderella tut 2


Then, using the same brush and using Satin Taupe, overlay and blend into the lower lid. Then with a small shader brush shade the bottom of your eyes with the same shade.


Cinderella tut 4


Now you’re going to use the darkest shade, Stroke of Midnight, and shade the corner of your eye with a point brush. Then with a small angle brush drag the same shade just under the corner of your eye, close to the under lash line to give it more definition and seamlessness with the top lid.


Cinderella tut 5


Then, highlight your brow bone up to the arch of your eye with Vapour. We’re almost done! With the small shader brush grab some Phloof and shade the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up the eye area.


Cinderella tut 6


Lastly line the top lashes with any black liner and brush on some mascara.


Cinderella tut 7


I also finished this look with the Lipglass from the same collection in Happily Ever After.


Cinderella tut 8


Hope you achieved the look you desired! Stay tuned for more tutorials in the future~

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