LUNA Pro-Conceal FOUNDE Review

Hey guys! My review today is going to be about a foundation that I forgot to review that I had bought a while ago. I kind of bought it on a whim, like so many other products that I buy. It’s the LUNA Pro-Conceal Founde, it pronounced like foundation but without the -tion and added ‘eh’ sound at the end… I’m telling you this because it’s really important… just kidding, I just kept reading it as fondue hahaha. This foundation was launched earlier this year and have gotten a lot of picks from beauty editors already. It claims to give it a pro touch finish, last 24hrs, and high coverage.


The foundation comes in a pump form and it has a detachable brush head on the other end. The brush is domed shaped, dense, and feels very soft. It is on the small side as a foundation brush in my opinion, but I think it does a reasonable job in blending out the product all over the face and around the crevices of the nose. I really liked how the brush was detachable so you can clean it. In the pump there is about 20ml of product, which is a little less than your standard 30ml of foundation that you get with most brands. The packaging is slim and it can easily take it around in your makeup bag. However it doesn’t have a locking function or a cap so you do have to be mindful not to accidentally press the pump.

The formula is a liquid foundation and there are two shades to choose from 21 and 23. The 23 is a shade lighter than my NC30 skin tone so I do have to darken it up with a bronzer/contour also it has a peach pink undertone which doesn’t match my yellow undertone in my skin. The foundation is true to what it says about coverage, I would say it is medium to full coverage. It dries not as quickly as it says it does though. They claimed that it takes 3 seconds but when you build it up to a high coverage finish, it takes some time. It adhered to my skin well and didn’t break throughout the day. I can’t say that it stayed 100% perfectly on my skin, but for 12+ hours of wear it looked very good. It has a natural satin finish and it’s pretty hydrating, didn’t feel any uncomfortable tightness on the the skin. It also didn’t get stuck and accentuate my fine lines.

I really like this foundation it’s easy to use and does what it claims to do, for the most part. I think it looks really great on my skin. I do wish it was a bit darker so it would match my skin tone. This goes for the 30,000KRW.

Still good after 8 hrs!

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