Lip Service- Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask Review AND my Weird Quirk Revealed!

Hey guys! I just had an awesome full day hanging out with my brother, boyfriend, and his parents, so I’m just sitting down now to write this post! If you follow on Instagram I let you guys know already that I would be reviewing the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I love sleeping masks because it’s just so quick and easy and it involves sleep! This isn’t a new product or anything and I’m sure there are tons of other reviews on it, but hey another review won’t hurt right? Hehe, okay let’s get started.

I bought this at my Aritaum store earlier this week for 18,000KRW. It comes in a pink gradation plastic tub, kind of like a big lip balm container, and it comes with a the tiniest and cutest little pink silicone tipped spatula that has it’s own little pouch. It’s already #winning 😆. Inside there is a sherbet like peachy pink balm that is ready to be slathered all over the lips. It smells like cherry-cotton candy with a hint of berry. This is probably because it is formulated with a mix of vitamin C rich super berries like goji, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, and raspberry. It also has a Moisture Wrap system which is a network of hyaluronic mineral that creates a film over the lips to keep the moisture from escaping. So instead of the old school cling film over petroleum jelly on the lips to condition them and risk suffocating or choking, you have this handy dandy product.



So who might want or need this? People who have chronic dry cracked lips, those of us who use a lot of lip products especially the ever so popular liquid matte lipsticks. Who can’t be bothered to apply lip balm during the day, or just if you want to treat your lips to a little bit of concentrated care. I fall in to all of these categories, and here is where I reveal my weird quirk… so I like to rub my cotton bed sheets on my lips because it relaxes me and I like how it feels… 😳, but it causes my lips to get very chapped and give me dry patches. ANYWAY, the point it that this mask has helped with the flakes but also prevents me from doing this weird thing that I do because I have pink jelly goodness all over my lips.

I can say that my lips feel super supple and soft the next morning. I sleep in the weirdest positions so when I wakeup I don’t have a lot of it left over on my lips to wipe off, but if you tend to sleep in one position and very still it will probably stay on your lips. It kinda sits on top of your lips, I think that’s what the Moisture Wrap is, that while it doesn’t let the moisture out it has a film over the lips. The next morning my lips flakes are very soft so I am able to gently rub it off. Putting lip makeup on the next day is a dream! Smoother application and it just seems like my lips have more shape.


I think this is a product that a lot of people would enjoy. If you don’t like the feeling of heavy balm on your lips even just a thin layer is enough to create a moisture barrier on your lips. Also it has barely has any taste, I think it’s very slightly sweet, or I could be imaging this all in my brain. To use just scoop a little bit of product with the spatula and spread all over the lips. Use the pointed part to get into the corners of the lips. Sleeping mask and the lip sleeping mask is a dreamy spa that I will be enjoying tonight! I hope you found this review helpful!

Sleeping packs, yay or nay?

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