Hello Ohmyglossers! I am here with a new review and it’s going to be about the new Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints. This collaboration launched earlier this month and I went over to flash pop up on the 28th of July to get an sneak peek at the goods. I was also lucky enough to receive a goodie bag to take home with me because a friend of mine was a winner of a Facebook draw on the Laniege FB post and she invited me as a her plus one! Thank you Tina if you’re reading this~ Anyway getting back to the review, the collab includes the Serum Drop Tints, a Multi Color powder, BB Cushion Whitening, and BB Cushion Pore Control. The BB cushions are the same as the normal ones except for the case design, and the Multi Color powder… I’ll get back to it later in this post.

The Serum Drop Tints are a new line of tint for Laniege, the only ones I knew they had were the Water Drop Tints. The SDT have complete new colors, formula, and applicator compared to the WDT. The SDT packaging is super cute, all of the L X LC have a owl theme because ‘chouette’ means owl in French and the clothing brand’s logo. There are 10 trendy colors to choose from. I have number 5 Sassy Girl ,a strawberry red, and number 8 Urban Coral, a deep pink coral. The applicator has a triangular tip for precise application around the edges of the lip and it also has a hollow center to hold enough product for the whole lip.

Top R to L: 10,9,8,7

Top R to L: 6,5,4,3

Top R to L: 2,1 

The formula is really interesting. At first it just applies like a creamy tint but after about 10 seconds it becomes more glossy looking. It has the same Berry Mix Complex that is also used in the Laneige Lip Mask. It’s feathery light on the lips and not at all sticky. It feels like an oil serum on the lips. I think the serum formula enhances the look of the tint shade and even when the glossiness fades it leaves a pretty tint on the lips. It’s really comfortable to wear.

The lasting power is okay, the gloss will fade over time but the color lasts and doesn’t flake. I did have to reapply on the middle of the lips after eating, but drinking was okay. I think the these are perfect for those who want to use a tint that is moisturizing and glossy, they remind me of the Tony Moly HD Lip Tints but more hydrating and more shades to choose from. They go for 25,000 KRW for 6g.

Just a quick detour about the Multi Color, you can use it as a highlight or a sheer shimmery blush or even as eye shadow, but for me I don’t reach for it often. Also it’s 30,000KRW so for that price I don’t think it’s worth it to purchase unless you want it for your collection. So that’s that.

The orange color hardly swatched… 

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