Krave Review – Kale-Lalu-yAHA & Matcha Hemp Cleanser

Hey guys! I have been MIA on my blog for about 4 months! I needed a break, and I am ready to blog regularly again.

In this post, I will be reviewing  Liah Yoo’s Krave creations, Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser and the Kale-Lalu-yAHA. The brand launched in December 2017 with a major bang all over social media, since the founder is a social media skincare and beauty guru! Krave only has two products in their line. However, I did hear that she will be releasing a sunscreen soon. I was thrilled that I could try the two products for myself after hearing so many great reviews about both products, let’s start with the cleanser!

The Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser is a product part of their ‘Core Series’. It comes in a tube form, and it lists the main ingredients on the front, like matcha, hemp seeds, oats, almonds, vitamin b5, and sodium PCA. That last ingredient that is listed is the sodium salt of the pyroglutamic acid (also known as PCA). PCA is a naturally occurring component of human skin and a part of the “natural moisturizing factors” (NMF) that maintain a healthy epidermis. This ingredient is a powerful humectant, non-comedogenic and non-irritating to eyes and skin. On the back of the tube, it lists the pH level of 5.0-6.0 which is considered a low pH, good for the skin. You can use this cleanser every day, morning and night. It says also says to apply on wet skin.


I used this for about 3 weeks now, and I like it a lot! It’s a no-fuss gentle cleanser that feels like a cleanser. I’ve tried morning cleansers like this where it just feels like you’re rubbing gel around, but this one actually makes a nice bit of foam and washes off clean without leaving a residue. The consistency is very much like… snot. Haha, it’s not the prettiest way to describe it, but the way it comes out and feels is pretty similar. In other words, it looks very natural and unaltered. The smell is not bad, but not great.


As for its cleansing abilities, it’s NOT a makeup cleansing product, but it’s a nice and gentle second cleanser. I definitely have to do a first round cleansing with an oil or balm cleanser and then as a last cleansing step use the cleanser. My skin feels clean and soft and not at all dry or tight after washing and drying. This is my go-to morning and minimal to no makeup day cleanser. For 120ml/4.05fl.oz tube that costs 16,000KRW/$16.00USD, it is definitely worth it!


Now it’s time to review the Kale-Lalu-yAHA! This is part of their supplement series, and it follows the same product packaging as the cleanser with the main ingredients printed on the box and tube. The main ingredients are kale, spinach, parsley, aloe, 5.25% of glycolic acid (AHA), hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and allatonin. The pH level is said to be around 3.5-4.0. I’ve been using it 3 times a week at night, and it’s been a pleasant experience. The first time I tried it stung a little bit, but after that, my skin adjusted to it and doesn’t sting anymore. The first day though after I used it and finished up my routine, my skin looked like GLASS! Omg, I wish I could experience that again haha. It was so good, and it’s still pretty amazing.

You only need a little bit and be gentle when you’re rubbing the cotton pad over the face. You don’t have to wash it off either. This is for sure the best AHA I’ve tried. I love when it’s time to use it. I feel like my skin feel so clean and glowing. For 200ml/6.76fl.oz of product, it costs 25,000KRW/$25.00USD.

Here are the links to both the Korean and English sites!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review post. I hope that I will be able to keep at it with the blog posts, fingers crossed!

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  1. Thank you for sharing review on Kale-Lalu-yAHA & Matcha Hemp Cleanser. I hope these are best skin care cream to protect my skin.

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