Korean Make Up Review-Innisfree Liquid Glow Shadow Review

Jeju Color Picker 2015 They gave me hair ties as a gift 🙂 I also got a nail color.

Summer is officially here and I have a cool review of the Innisfree glow liquid shadows. These new shadows are a part of Innisfree 2015 summer collection, Jeju Color Picker. The name is a bit awkward but hey, that’s Korea for you. If you don’t know about this brand, Innisfree is one of many major Korean cosmetics brand founded by Amore Pacific, which is one of the leading South Korean cosmetics corporation. Innisfree is a naturalism based company that uses organic ingredients that are certified by France’s ECOCERT organization. They have stores internationally like in Hong Kong, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and China.

Left to right: no.1, no.5, no.2

The 2015 Jeju Color Picker collection was inspired by the Gimnyoung Beach in Jeju. I’ve actually been to the beach next to this one last summer and it is absolutely beautiful. The collection included nail color, eye liners, and liquid eye shadows. Now on with the review! First of all, the packaging is a clear tube with a super cute cap. The caps have printed illustrations of “Haenyeo”, female sea divers of Jeju. The eye shadow applicator is a doe foot with a thin opening in the center for even application of color.

Woljeongri Beach, the next beach over from Gimnyeong. I wanna go back!

The colors were in Korean so I will do my best to translate the names… I got no.1 wind stacked white sand, no.2 sky colored sea of Gimnyoung, and no.5 wisp of wet sand. No.1 is a silvery champagne color with very faint opalescence. No.2 is a like a light sky blue and marine blue mixed together with opalescence and light blue glitter. No.5 is a warm bronze with copper highlights and gold undertones.  All I can say really is that all of the colors I got are gorgeous!

Top- no flash (no.1,5,2) Bottom- with flash (no.1,5,2)

The colors on first application were amazing. They are so pigmented, I love it! The formula is a super smooth and glides right on the lids. There’s no fall out either and It lasts a really long time. The eye shadows have a metallic finish so when your eyes hit the summer sun its gonna gleam so beautifully. Also because its liquid it has a cooling effect on the lids which is nice. To apply, you can dot along the lid and blend with your finger or draw along your lashes up to the crease and blend. On thing is that it dries pretty quickly so it’s best to work on one eye at a time and for more color work in layers. Do a thin layer of color and let it dry and then apply another layer of color.


Overall these shadows are great summer colors if you’re not so into the bright pinks and oranges. Blues and bronzy colors are just as hot in summer. If you’re in Korea you can get them for 9,000Won a piece. I’m not sure if international stores will have this collection available. Happy summer!

5 Replies to “Korean Make Up Review-Innisfree Liquid Glow Shadow Review”

  1. These look beautiful! Thank you for this review, it really helped me to decide which one I’m going to order (n. 5)! 🙂

    1. I’m so happy I could help! It’s so hard to choose just one right? Hehe.

  2. I sooo want these… Especially the light blue (though I’m not sure if that color even suits me… it just looks so gorgeous!) and the white one as a simple everyday color. Ok, who am I kidding, I want them all haha.
    Did you try layering these? I usually love to mix and layer my eyeshadows, but these look very ‘solid’ to me… ^^

    1. Hey! Sorry about the late reply~ I’ve tried layering them but it dries too fast to blend it nicely. And it’s so pigmented that it’ll just end up hiding the color you’re layering over. The colors look really awesome just on its own. 😀

      1. Ah, I’m so late, too! X’D
        I’ve actually bought one by now, shade #1, and I LOVE it! though it’s really not one for layering it’s just so beautiful and simple on its own!

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