Korean Contour Sticks: Memebox vs. Etude House Review & Comparison

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In my previous post I talked about how contour and strobing sticks were trending in the beauty world in Korea. I listed three Korean brands W.Lab, Memebox, and Etude House. I really wanted to try these out and compare them, so I bought the Memebox I’m Multi Sticks and the Etude House Play 101 Sticks. I didn’t purchase the W.Lab one because I didn’t want to order it online, even though I got the Memebox ones off their app. Another reason is because Pony Makeup was the ‘advocate’, if you will, of these Etude House play sticks and she had collaborated and worked with Memebox products, so I thought it would be a good to compare the two. I’ll do a general review of the two then the comparison at the end.


I bought the Memebox as a set of three that includes the foundation stick, highlighting stick, and the contouring stick. For all three with a free mesh makeup bag was 48,000KRW. Each stick costs 16,000KRW of 10g so there wasn’t a discounted price deal for buying three just a free gift. The packaging is a matte black twist tube with a sturdy lid, its the kind of matte black where you can see your finger prints. The foundation comes in two colors #ST01 Luster Light (21) and #ST02 Luster Medium (23), I got the Luster Medium  and it a tad lighter than my skin tone, which I don’t mind that much. The coverage is light to medium and dries to a satin finish. There is only one shade of contour and highlight, #ST20 Luster Bronzing and #ST25 Luster Beam. Contour color is on the warm side and has a satin finish. The highlighter is a pink base shimmer with a satin finish. The texture and application of all three is very creamy and smooth. It doesn’t feel sticky and blends nicely with a brush or a blending sponge.


The Etude Play 101 Stick did have foundation sticks but I just bought the shading color  11 and highlight color in 10. They also have a Play 101 Contour Duo stick but for comparison sake I bought the big chubby one, each costs 12,000KRW for 7.5g. The packaging is a standard plastic body with a lid and you twist at the bottom of the stick to bring the product up. The contour color is a light tan color and the texture is creamy, smooth and has a satin finish. The Highlighting is a light golden beige color and the texture is a little powdery and has satin finish.


I’ll start with the contouring sticks. The colors are very different, the Memebox one is much deeper and the Etude House one is very light compared to that one. I couldn’t call the play stick much of a contour color, but more of a transitioning contour color. It could be a good base shade before going in with a deeper contour shade like the one from Memebox. Also, the formulation of the play stick is very creamy so it blends well, but because of the lack of pigmentation it blends in with my foundation and my skin tone. So unless you’re on the light to fair this contour will not make a very dramatic difference in creating a contoured face.

Memebox Lust bronzing and Luster Beam on the left. Etude House Play 101 Stick #11 and #10 on the right. 

The highlighting sticks are both very good. The only difference is that the Memebox one is more sheer and subtle while the Etude House Play 101 Stick is more high shimmer. In the case of the highlighters the Memebox Luster beam would make a good base and on top I would go over it with the #10 Play 101 Stick. I do prefer the Memebox highlighting stick formulation more because no matter how many times I rub back and forth, it doesn’t bunch up. With the Etude house it’s a bit powdery and if I do put it over some parts it doesn’t spread out evenly and sticks together. I can’t really say one is better than the other, but I do like the Memebox ones more personally because of the texture and formula.

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  1. Oh, thank you so much for the swatches! I’m a bit overwhelmed because these contouring and highlighting sticks are suddenly flooding the Korean market and I just can’t decide…!
    Now… I want BOTH highlighting sticks. :’D

    1. Yay! I’m glad I helped hehe yeah the Memebox looks like a healthy glow and the etude house is extra glowy. Both are really nice 🙂

  2. Hello there!

    Thanks for the post, I saw the advertisements for the Memebox sticks at the local drug stores (in Korea) and kept wondering if I should buy them. I guess this sounds like a good investment though!

    Thank you ^^

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