Korean Beauty: The Face Shop Ink Lipquid review

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Hey it’s been a rainy for a couple days now in Seoul and I’m going to brighten up the day with a beauty review! So today I’m going to review The Face Shop Ink Lipquid moisture liquid lipstick. This product is a combination of the pigmentation of a lipstick, lasting color of a lip tint, and the glossiness and application of a lipgloss.


There are two types, there is the original line that is a little more watery and has less pigment than the newer creamier moisture line. I have dry lips all year round and especially in the colder months so the moisture one caught my eye. The color that I picked from the 8 colors was PP02 Modern Berry. It’s a bright berry color like a raspberry but less red and but with more pink and purple hues.


The packaging is almost the same as the original Ink Lipquids, it just has a glossy exterior. I like that fact that the packaging has a small window to see how much you have left inside. Also, I think they might have the same applicator as well. The great thing about the applicator is that it has a well in the middle so that you get a load of product in one application. Just a continuous dose of color in one go. Another thing is that it has a pointed tip so you can get precise application without a lip liner.


The texture of the moisture Lipquid is very creamy but not very sticky or heavy feeling on the lips. I do like a little bit of stickiness in liquid lipsticks because I know it’s going to stay on my lips. The formula is very moisturising because of the oil and essence that is in it. Also, the color pay off is superb and so is the staying power. It claims to have a 12 hour lasting period and in real life its very close that number. I would say for me it lasted a good 8 hours. Even after the glossiness fades away the my lips are tinted with the exact same color underneath. So another great thing is if you don’t want to go for a glossy look just dab some tissue after you’ve applied it and you’re good to go. I would still suggest that you use a nude or clear lip liner for those of you with fine lines around the lips, this one doesn’t bleed as much as other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried but always good to have a barrier in my opinion.

The Ink Lipquids go for 12,900KRW which is about 10 or 11 USD equivalent. For this price I think its beyond worth it. If you’re in Korea when The Face Shop is having a sale it can go low was 6,450KRW! I would definitely repurchase this and I hope you’ll get to try it out!

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