Korean beauty: 30 Day Dark Circles Challenge!

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So earlier this week I got a gift package from Kocostar, a Korean cosmetic brand that was launched in 2001 that specializes in beauty packs from head to toe. I recently reviewed their home salon hair pack  and I took an interest in their other products and they kindly sent me their newest product, the 6 Way Hydro Gel Eyepatch. This is called the 6 Way because you can put the patches on 3 pairs of different areas on your face. The eye lids, under eyes, and the sides of your mouth. I have dark eye circles for days and although I can’t thicken the skin under my eyes I can make it appear brighter with concealer, but also with targeted skin care. Koreans are all about masks and packs. I try to do a mask pack every week so that that my skin can get the nutrients it needs and give me 30 mins out of the week to relax. And what’s a better way to relax than with gold jelly patches for your eyes! So let me tell you more about them.

Kocostar 6 Way Hydrogel eye patch

The eye patches come in a cute pink and white container with a camilla pattern on top. Once you open it there is a protective lid and a eye patch scooper. The eye patches are stacked into four stacks with two differently shaped patches in each layer. The smaller one is for the eyelids and the larger patch is for underneath the eye. It has a soft floral scent and looks really pretty! You feel fancy putting glittery gold patches on your eyes too. A lil bling bling for your dark circles…


The patches are made of hydrogel that with adhere to your skin that’ll make sure that all the goodness of the patches will be soaked directly into your skin. Also, because it’s jelly like, it give a cooling effect when you put it around your eyes which will help with puffiness. The hydrogel packs are saturated with a beauty essence that has 5 main active ingredients. Peony, phillinus, ginseng, and baikal skullcap extract, as well as gold. These natural ingredients will help the thin-skinned eye area by toning, conditioning, detoxifying, brightening, and firming.

feels so cool~

To apply you have to use the little scooper to lift off the hydrogel pack. Then carefully place the hydrogel under the eyes and also the lids. Wait and relax for about 20-30 mins then gently peel it off and tap away the excess essence with your fingertips. I’ve tried eye patches before this one is really great for two reasons, it doesn’t have a mesh sheet to hold the hydrogel intact and it’s thin so it’s more flexible to the contour of your eye area. Also, because of the thinness it adheres to the skin better and it won’t slide down or fall off your face while you’re doing something with it on.

The container has 120 patches that would last for 30 days, one layer of four patches each day. So I’m going to do this for 30 days. I started yesterday so I will let you know the results on Saturday August 15th! You can get this and do it with me here. I’m not sure if it’s out globally yet but in Korea it goes for 18,000KRW.

I hope to see some good results and I can’t wait to share with you in a months time! Hopefully with brighter looking eyes. 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh! I bought the same in Chinatown this spring….I love it! If I will buy again, do you tell me if 6way have a web site?!thank you so much! You are lovely

  2. Ps how do you leave your box 6way, for better maintenance of patch?in frige or …?!thank you again

  3. These gold-colored, eye patches actually contain gold ions. Gold is support collagen levels and increase circulation. These are comfortable to use and gives great result.

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