Kocostar Masks – Head to Toe Comprehensive Review!

Hi! If you don’t follow on social media, I was picked to be an official beauty editor for the K-Beauty Expo 2017! I am very happy to say that this is the first official review as their beauty editor. The product I am reviewing in this post are the Kocostar masks. Kocostar is a K-beauty brand that specializes in home beauty treatments, getting the salon experience with time, budget, and user-friendly masks. I received 7 different types of masks to try from head to toe! I have reviewed Kocostar masks in the past like the Slice Mask Sheet, gold hydrogel patches, and their hair mask. In this review I’ll be reviewing each mask I received from head to toe (except for the Slice Mask Sheet since I already have a post on it). Are you ready? Let’s start from the top!

Face Masks

batch_Camellia - Kocostar

Camellia Happy Mask – This mask is for moisturizing and soothing. Its ingredients include Camellia seed oil, Camellia flower extract, green tea extract, aloe vera extract, and Centella extract. The mask sheet is thin but holds a lot of essence. It’s super soft and adheres to the face well without slipping around. The color is slightly tinted pink because of the Camellia seed oil. It smells SO good, it might be a bit perfumy to some but I really loved the floral sweet smell. There was also a lot of essence left over in the pouch as well, which I used on my neck and decolletage. The sheet remained hydrated well over 30 mins and there was no sticky feeling after the mask. It has a very fresh moisturized feeling to it. My skin felt soothed and soft to the touch. This mask is 3,000KRW. Overall score perfect 5/5!

batch_birds nest - Kocostar

Bird’s Nest Silk Fiber Mask – Korean beauty wouldn’t be complete without with an animal derived product! This one is the very beautiful sounding but if your research what birds nests are made of its bird saliva. Awesome. Some people eat it, I just like to soak up the juices on my skin! The thin sheet is made up of 95% Eucalyptus tree fiber and 5% silk so the mask sheet itself is a treat. It’s very soft and plush on the skin and holds the essence well that it doesn’t drip. It fits very snug on the face. The essence is a little bit thicker than your usual liquid essence. It also has a slightly sticky residue but after 5-10 mins it just feels normal. It gave an awesome glow and brighter tone afterward. The smell is very fresh and not very strong. This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall 4.5/5! I had to shave half a point for stickiness.

batch_flower - kocostar

Flower Mask Sheet – This one is just like the Slice Mask Sheets except they are flower versions. They are THE prettiest mask ever! Also very fun to place them wherever you want. One thing is that there isn’t enough to cover the whole face, but the point of these masks are to use them on certain areas that need extra care or on larger parts of the body. You can use it as a lip mask, dry spots, and I guess even your nippy-nips! Haha. You can mix and match with different patch masks. There are 3 types of flowers you can try sunflower, tulip, and rose. I got the sunflower one which helps with skin elasticity and firmness. I have never smelled a sunflower so I can’t say for sure that the mask smells like it, but I can say that it is a pleasant light floral scent. The mask has much skin hydrating, calming, and reviving ingredients such as sunflower extract, milk protein, witch hazel, hydrolyzed soy protein, common purslane extract, glasswort extract, summer lilac extract, and white willow bark extract. I really liked using this mask because it was easy to apply, fun to use, and gave me instant hydration and soft skin! This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall I give it a 5/5!


batch_cucumber and breast - Kocostar
The cucumber slice mask is reviewed in another post so click any of the colored links. Boobie patches no bueno.

W Line Hydrogel Breast Pack –  First there won’t be before and after pictures for this one hahaha! Anyway, I tried it and it didn’t do much for me because first, you need to do it regularly, and I only had one to try. Also, I just don’t care for packs like these. Too gimmicky for me. The hydrogel is sticky enough to stay on the skin, but if there is a lot of movement then it kinda peels off, maybe it’s because I have small breasticles there wasn’t enough the hydrogel could hold on to… lol. It’s very cold when you apply it at first. After an hour I took it off and it didn’t do much, my boobies felt the same, not hydrated. and after a little bit, they skin started to itch around where the edge of the sheet was. It wasn’t a very bad itch but itchy enough to suspect that it’s not for me. This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall I give it a 0/5.

batch_hand - Kocostar

Hand Moisture Pack – This hand mask was such a nice little treat! My hands get pretty dry as well as my nails and I like how this is such an easy way to maintain my hands. Just slip them on, secure with the pre-attached sticker, and let your hands soak up the moisturizing ingredients. It has 10 different natural extracts such as licorice, green tea, witch hazel, gold, and mallow. Also 13 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, argan tree kernel oil, meadow seafoam oil, cacao seed butter, and camellia extract. My hands didn’t feel greasy or oily afterward. It felt moisturized and really soft! I loved it so much. Also, I was able to use my phone while I still had the gloves on. They have three different glove colors to choose from too. This mask is 2,500KRW. Overall I give it a 5/5!

batch_Foot - Kocostar

Foot Moisture Pack –  This one is pretty much the same concept as the Hand Moisture Pack. Very easy to use Perfect for sandal weather. Mini foot spa at home! It has 9 kinds of skin-repairing ingredients like cactus extract, lavender extract, chamomile extract, and spirulina extract. Also 9 kinds of moisturizing ingredients like safflower seed oil, shea butter, cucumber extract, glycerin, aloe vera, and argan seed oil. It also includes natural exfoliants like white willow bark extract and apple extract. Just like the hand pack, my feet didn’t feel greasy and it felt very soft and smooth afterward. This mask is 2,500KRW.  I give this a 5/5 as well!

I hope you enjoyed this list of different masks and packs you can try from Kocostar! You can purchase on their website www.kocostar.co.kr, or at Sephora, El Corte Ingles, La Rinascente, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, ASOS, Beautybay.com, Accessorize, Forever21, and American Eagle Outfitters.

*Just a disclaimer- I don’t get paid to do these review nor do I get any profit if you click on any links, just my honest reviews! Cross my heart (and hope to die).


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  1. Hello! Thank you for your review, I love your blog and you are beautiful 🙂
    I will make sure to try them out xoxo

    1. Thank you!

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