Kiss NY Air, Magic, and Wave – BOOM Goddess Hair!

Guess what?

Good hair days are ahead.

I am going to be reviewing three Kiss New York hair tools. The Insta Air, Insta Wave, and Insta Magic. Most people know that Kiss is makes a whole bunch of beauty products. They have reputation for making some pretty decent stuff at a drugstore price, so I will get right in to the review.


InstaAir 360


The highlight of this hair dryer is the heat distribution air booster. What is is an rotating attachment? This helps distribute the heat evenly and prevents the risk of heat spot damage. Also the rotating nozzle keeps you from shaking the hair dryer around. The slats where the air comes out is coated with ceramic tourmaline which emit non-damaging infrared heat and negative ions, making the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. It also enables the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage. The wattage is 1600 so it’s a good hair dyer to use at home. Other specs include adjustable cold/ high/low settings.

So, does it work? I used to own a really crappy hair dryer so this was a huge upgrade. The air booster does work, but don’t expect a lot. It does blow air around nicely and I don’t have to shake it around as much as I did. My hair did seem to get an even amount of heat. They give you a second heat concentrate attachment as well. As for the frizziness, I couldn’t really tell because my hair is already frizzy from color/bleach damage, however the top part of my hair felt smoothed out. Two cons are that it is loud and a bit on the heavy side with the tornado 360 attachment. I think for the price, 29,000KRW, this a more than decent hair dryer. I really enjoy using it and does what it claims to do.



The special thing about the Insta Magic is that has a thin strip of silicone on the heat plates. The silicone is to cushion the hair from direct contact with the heated plates and smoothes out the cuticles. Well, not sure how my hair won’t touch the heating plates… but I think the idea is that my hair won’t be smooshed between two extremely hot plates, therefore less hair damage.


Other specs include high heat up to 230 degree Celsius, controlled and stable het control. ceramic coated plates, floating plates that wont leave edge marks, and auto shut off after 60 mins. The LED turns green when ready, only takes 30 secs to reach maximum temp.

Straightened with InstaMagic vs. blow dried with InstaAir 360

I have used so many straighteners in my life. I can’t complain. It has all the necessary functions and more. It doesn’t fry my hair and static-less. It straightens my hair like magic! I do wish it was a little bit longer so that I could grab more hair with it. Other than that, this is a fine hair tool. This one is a bit pricy for 59,000KRW.



This was the most exciting for me because I have never owned a automatic hair curler! I’ve always wanted to get the Babyliss Curl Secret that sucks in your hair and curls it, but it was too expensive. The InstaWave is has the same idea where the curl dial rotates either to the left or right, depending on the direction you want your curl to go. You can also choose the type of curl you want. For loose curls heat for 3-5 seconds, medium curls release at the beep, and for spirals release the hair 3-5 seconds after the beep. To release all you do is pull down the wand. Just as the InstaMagic it the want is coated with ceramic, high temperature of 230 degress Celsius, auto shut off after 60 mins.


If you get this READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Dangly earrings and necklaces are a no no. Also, you should do this with dry and brushed hair. If you don’t brush it there is a chance that it can get tangled. They give you a volume brush attachment for short hair. I tried it on a small section of my long hair and I’ll just say use it only if you have short hair because my hair almost got tangled in the combs.


There is a learning curve with this one. You need to get use to it. Once I did I was able to curl my hair really quickly. The curls came out nicely but for me it was hard to get an even head of the same style of curls. I don’t think it was because of the curler itself, but me not being used to using this kind of curler. It was fun and I was a little nervous. However, after doing a couple curls it became easier. I wish that they would have placed the heat dial not so close to the button because I kept moving the dial accidentally.


I think for those who aren’t so great at using a regular curler this might be a better way to get nice curls. But for those who know who to curl and style their hair a little bit restricted, even though you can choose the direction and tightness of the curl. It might be better to use a regular curler. I do like how quickly and easily it create curls. I would totally recommend this to the curler challenged people out there. This one costs 53,000KRW.

These products were sent to me by K-Beauty Expo as their beauty editor. All of my opinions are my own.




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