Just Arriving in Korea: New/Old Beauty Hype In Korea


So today I want to talk about this new/old-ish trend that is popping up in Korea. Fist before I start, I think  if all the countries were people, Korea would be the type of person that would be late to all the trends that are happening and when the trend dies down, Korea picks it back up. Or if the popular countries are doing it then it follows that trend driving it down till it’s really really dead… aka Gangnam Style aka everyone does the same damn thing. I’m not saying that Korea isn’t cool or innovative, it’s conformist and I don’t think Korea would want it any other way. Korea love hypes because, in my opinion, it is a superficial country. Ones outside appearance is judged on a very high and vicious pedestal. ANYWAY that is totally another subject.

So this new trend that I am noticing are highlighting and contouring sticks! Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been seeing them more often now in shops and online, soon all the shops are going to have them. Korea has finally, more than ever, dipped its toes into the contouring world. In a way I’m glad, but at the same time I’m dreading it a little. Going back to the idea that Korea being a conformist country, I’m going see this trend everywhere and the stores are going to advertise it as this phenomenal thing. I’m not saying that highlighting and contouring sticks aren’t genius, I just know that it is going to be marketed till it has no life in it. Also, Koreans are going to go crazy about how small they can make their faces look. Small face= most beautiful and attractive.

Now does that mean that I will not participate in this revival/birth of face shaping in Korea? No, I most definitely will because I’m a beauty blogger and I love everything and anything related to beauty and makeup. This post is more of a, ‘Good for you Korea, you did it, but don’t get crazy’, kinda post. Here are some products I have seen so far.

1.W.Lab 3D face Highlighting and Shading Stick


2. Memebox Multi Sticks


3. Etude House Play 101 Stickscolor_img3-crop.png

So what do you guys think? Maybe this will be a future compare review post? Hehehe okay well I will keep you guys updated!

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