Innisfree Fall 2015 Real Fit Lipstick Review


Hey guys!

It’s full fledged fall now and do you know what makes me feel cozy? A good fall lipstick color! I found the prettiest fall lip colors at Innisfree this week and I wanted to share them with you guys. I got two colors, number 7 and 9. 7 is a nude pink, very similar to MAC lipstick in creme cup. It’s a perfect pink for any skin tone. 9 is a mauve rose color which is a perfect color for fall. It’s not too purple and not too pink either. It’s one of those colors that shows everyone it’s autumn, if you know what that means. The new Real Fit Lipstick line has 10 colors to choose from ranging from light peach to reds and berry colors. Each of them goes for 12,000KRW which is about 10.00 USD.



The texture feels very smooth and light. Doesn’t feel too heavy or too slick on the lips. One swipe gives me loads of color! The formula sticks to the lips so it doesn’t migrate into the fine lines around the lips. It feels comfortable to wear because it feels so light. The lipsticks have a light sheen, not overly glossy or matte. Overall I think these lipsticks are awesome. Grab one if you can get it!

Here are some swatches~

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  1. Aaah, those lipsticks!
    I’ve swatched them like three times already in stores and I just can’t decide which color (or colors!) to choose, as they are all so pretty! Latte Coral, Latte Pink (Nr.7), Latte Rose… And now after looking at your swatches I’ll have to add Nr.9 to my wish list, too! :’D
    Glad to read that they don’t move into lip lines, that’s my biggest problem normally! ^^ They seem to be quite long-lasting, too!

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