I’m Stick Shadow from I’m Meme Review

Hey guys! First of all, I think I have a I’m Meme obsession. I bought three I’m Stick Shadows when I purchased the I’m Eye Shadow Palettes which are also from I’m Meme. I really love the consistency of quality in every product! Anyway, I should be their brand ambassador or something because I have nothing bad to say about their brand… okay, seriously let’s get into this review!


Like I said I before I bought three stick shadows and I think that was very modest of me, because at first I grabbed all of them and dumped them into my basket. I literally was at Watsons for one hour trying to pick which ones I had to get. Life of a true beauty addict… The three colors I ended up getting were Falling Star, Cassiopeia, and Spinel. Falling star is a pearl champagne color, very similar to the Stila Kitten smudge crayon but a little less yellow gold. Cassiopeia is a deep gold with noticeable white and gold shimmer. Spinel is a grey tone purple with blue and deep pink shimmer. Originally there were 6 colors, but recently, like a month ago, they added 5 new colors to the line. They are White Swan, Bellatrix, Stella Rose, Hazel Topaz, and ES410 (Sipeka Bron). That last one I don’t know the exact Korean to English spelling. There are no matte shades, only shimmer and pearl.


It cost 12,000KRW each and I got mine at that time on sale for about 9,000KRW. The eye shadow stick is about 12.5 cm long and a 1cm thick, but the actual amount of product you get is about 3 cm/1.5 g. Which isn’t bad considering the thickness and color payoff. It’s actually the same or more than you would get in a regular eye shadow pan. The stick is an auto type so there’s no sharpening involved, just rotate the bottom part of the stick.


The formula is very smooth and very pigmented. There is no drag so it’s easy on the eyelids. The shimmer and pearl shine is very high and multidimensional. It looks pretty in all different views. The shadows dry pretty quickly so working on  one eye at a time is recommended because after it sets it will not budge. I would say that these lasted for more than 8 hours close to 12 hours, I did see it bunch up in my crease a little bit after a humid day out. But the shadow on the lid did not move at all. You have to use a oil type cleanser/eye and lip remover to get these off. I’am so impressed with the colors and how well they last throughout the day. They blend easily and you can create a nice eye look using 2 colors and a black eye liner. You don’t need to use a brush, finger blending works best in my opinion.


I’m so tempted to get a couple more of these in my stash… I’ll keep you posted when I do! I hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook for daily updates and photos. Thank you for reading!


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