I’M MEME – 🌞Day to Night🌝 & 🌝Night to Day🌞 Eye Shadow Palettes Review

Hey guys~ It’s middle of another week and I’m here today with Meme! That is, I’m Meme to be exact. I have an obsession with palettes and I couldn’t walk away without buying both of the I’m Meme – I’m Eye Shadow Palettes. One is the Day to Night Palette and the other is the Night to Day Palette. Both have 10 eye shadows with 3 different finishes and you can create a multitude of looks for both day and night.



The packaging is simple like all of the other I’m Meme products, plastic matte black exterior with the name of the product printed in glossy print on the front and magnetic closure. Inside there are two rows of 5 eyeshadows, a dual ended brush, and a built in mirror.The brush isn’t that bad, I’d give it a 6.5/10, it’s usable to an certain extent. There are 10g of product, so each shadow is 1g each, and that’s about 3,000KRW per shadow. Now the I’m Meme single shadows are 12,000KRW each for 1.4g, which I think is ridic… I’m sure it’s the same formula as the ones in these palettes, so for the single shadow you’re paying for the unnecessary packaging. Anyway, I’m just going to say, if you want to save money get the palette. However, it’s your monies, do what you wish, but hey I’m always on a budget.


There are 3 types of eye shadow finishes in the palette so you can create a very multidimensional look. Day to Night has 4 mattes, 4 shimmers, and 2 glitters.  As for the Night to Day there are 3 mattes, 5 shimmers, and 2 glitters. The matte shades in both palettes can be used on other areas of the face for shading, blush, or filling in your eyebrows. The color selection on both are super gorgeous and both of them lean very warm on the color scale. The Day to Night is a mix of neutrals, browns, and a copper and gold shade for accents. While the Night to Day is more colorful with a mix of pinks, plums, and gold, among the light and dark neutral colors. This made it very difficult for me to choose just one, so that’s why I HAD to buy both…


The formula is buttery smooth, not a lot of kickback and it’s used great either with a brush or fingers. The glitters in my opinion are better used with fingers than a brush. They last on the eyes for +8 hours without using an eye primer and it creased very little at the end of the day. The pigmentation is great except for the palest color in both the palettes. I can say that I am very pleased to have these palettes in my collection and it was so very worth it to buy both, I do use the Day to Night palette more.

Here are the color profiles!

Day to Night

Every Day- matte cream white with slight yellow undertone

Picnic Day- matte muted peach

Special Day-glitter yellow gold, not much color than just the gold glitter

Moody Day- shimmer deep bronze with pink undertone

Natural Day-matte warm taupe

Mystic Day- glitter peach base with micro pink and white glitter 

Romantic Day- shimmer pink copper with reflects 

Shining Day- shimmer off pearl white

Classic Day-matte tan 

Wonderful Day- shimmer deep Ash brown with slight burgundy undertone



Night to Day

Every night-matte eggshell white 

Date Night- matte deep pink

One Night- glitter reddish pink with gold glitter 

Glam Night- shimmer warm yellow gold

Woman Night- matte brown taupe

Hug Me Night- shimmer pale peach

Sensual Night- shimmer pink burgundy

Tonight-glitter deep eggplant purple with reflects

Mature Night- shimmer taupe with a slight purple undertone

Dark Night-shimmer deep chocolate brown




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