If You Hate Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes…

Hey guys! One of the things I dread most about makeup is cleaning brushes. Sometimes I feel that the brushes could be cleaner. Anyway, I was just browsing online and I saw the the Real Techniques brush cleansing palette, so I thought I’d give it a go and put it in my shopping cart. I’ve seen something similar like the Sigma brush cleaner glove that goes for 25.00- 39.00 USD, but the real techniques is only 15.00USD. DEAL! So that’s my backstory of how I purchased this pink silicone dish thingy.


The brush cleaning palette is made of performance-grade silicone so it’s lightweight, flexible, and the slip handle fits easily and comfortably on to the hand. It has three kinds of textures for different types of brushes. The small nodes for the smaller brushes, big round nodes for larger brushes, and I think the middle cross textured part could be for any type of brush. The sides of the palette come up a bit to create a dish shape which is good I think because you won’t be wasting so much water and also it’s shallow enough that it won’t drown your bushes and ruin the inside of them.


To use it add a drop of mild soap or a specific brush cleaning soap/fluid and warm water then gently swirl your brush over the different textures or the desired texture for the brush you are cleaning. The brush cleaning palette came with a sample of the Real Techniques brush cleaning gel so I’ve been using that and it works fine. After lathering, rinse with warm water and squeeze the excess water with your hand or gently pat on to a dry towel. It’s super easy and it’s kinda fun in my opinion!


On the website it said that it cleans your brushes 55% better using the cleansing palette and gel cleanser than just using your hands and water, but that seems a bit obvious doesn’t it? Hahaha. Anyway, It did a good job of cleaning my brushes and the different textures helped in getting stubborn stains out of white brushes. It was like my brushes where getting a head shower at the salon. Also at the same time it was gentle on the bushes too, there wasn’t any pulling or tugging and didn’t notice a lot of fallout from the brushes either. I think this was a good purchase and for anyone who hates to spend forever cleaning brushes then this is a good tool for your tools! You can purchase it on the Real Techniques website or I just bought mine off of www.iHerb.com.

Would you purchase this?

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