How to revamp your basic red lip

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I haven’t done a tutorial in a very long time so I decided instead of a review I wanted to do a very easy lip tutorial for you guys. So you haven’t already read my red lip tutorial you can check it out by clicking here and if you want to read more about my thoughts on red lipstick you can read that by clicking here. I love red lips and I think every woman should be able to master this beautiful makeup tradition. Now fall is nearing and I wanted to share this lip look that will get you giddy for this new season.

Korea is really into the inner lip stain look where there is a gradation of color with more intensity toward the center of the lips. I’m going to do the same thing but with two colors of lipstick, one lighter and the other darker. The products I’m using today is all from MAC, but that doesn’t mean you have to use these specific products.

First, prep the mouth area with a lip primer or some kind of lip care base so that your lips feel comfortable. Then line the lips and fill it it with a lip pencil that is similar to the lighter color lipstick. I’m Using MAC lip liner in Cherry.


Second, apply the lighter red around the outer part if your lip not going into the inner part of your lips. This color is Ruby Woo (my favorite red).


Third, apply the darker red in the inner part of you lip. This color is Diva, a deep red burgundy. After applying the darker color you want to blend the colors together, so press your lips together gently a couple times or until you see a nice fade between the two colors.


Remember to blot lightly on a tissue for any excess of product on you lip and clean up any messy lines with a lip brush or a tissue wrapped around your finger. This lip look gives you a very deep, sultry looking lip that will give your lips more dimension and depth. I hope you enjoyed this very short and easy tutorial! It’d definitely something fun to try out in autumn!


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