Heimish Dalisim Palette Review- The Best Eye Shadow Palette From Korea?

Hey Oh My Glossers! I’ve missed you so~ it was a long Chuseok week here in Korea so I took a break from writing and I am super excited to be writing again and bring you a fresh review! I had been eyeing the Heimish Dalisim Eye Shadow Palette for a while and I finally decided to purchase it and I can say right off the bat that it was a very good purchase. I ordered the Heimish Dalisim Eye Shadow Palette in Blissful Plevy, blue/navy colorway. There are 6 different palettes you can choose from. I was super excited when I opened it up and totally satisfied with the results when I went it with my brushes. Now let’s get into the details.


First I will start with the cons. The packaging is not amazing, its a dark brown matte plastic case with the logo in rose gold foil. I had it for a couple days and the foil is already fading and the matte case looks dirty and scratched up. However, when you open it up you get a full sized mirror and 8 beautifully coordinated shades. The longevity in the shadows are OK, not the best it fades after 5-6 hours. I would recommend using an eye shadow primer. This isn’t necessarily a con, but I could do with it was a tiny bit more pigmentation, the level of pigmentation is fine, but personally I would have liked some of the shadows to be a little more pigmented. These cons aren’t super terrible and the longevity thing can be remedied easily.

dscf0238Here are the pros! The color coordination in the palettes are so pretty and sophisticated. From looking at the other palettes and trying out the one I bought I think its an easy palette to use. All of the palettes have a good mix of textures so you can go basic to glam very easily. The Blissful Plevy has 4 mattes, 2 satins, and 2 glitters. The texture in these are very smooth and creamy, and they apply evenly without bunching up. Also the color is very buildable and true to what’s in the pan. They blend easily too. The glitters especially is AMAZING. They are the super stars in the palette! If you use your fingers it gives you a intense dusting of glitter and if you use a brush you can build it up to an opaque glitter shimmer. I did notice that when I swatched the shadows with a brush it came out better than it did with my fingers.


The brush that comes with the palette is surprisingly really good!  It picks up a good amount of shadow and blends the shadows easily. The smaller brush is great for picking up the glitters. I liked using it to dab in the inner corners of the eye.

Swatched with the brush that comes with the palette

Final conclusion is that these are one of the very few best eye shadow palettes I have purchased in Korea. I’d rather pay for quality shadows than cute packaging any day. I’m hoping to purchase a couple more of these Heimish palettes soon I hope that deliver just as well as the one I have.

I hope you guys have a great day/evening and thank you for reading! you can go to www.eheimish.com to see their other palettes.

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  1. Many thanks for your review! I want to buy this palette of shades. But wasn’t svotchy anywhere therefore I doubted and postponed purchase. Now I urgently run to buy! You will show a make-up with this palette?

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