G9Skin X Berrisom White in Whipping Cream

My beautiful Photoshop work… :’D

Hey guys! I am going to be reviewing a product that I never thought I would try or review. I say this because I’m always averse to any skin ‘whitening’ products because I love my tan Korean skin. But for the sake of stepping out of my comfort zone I decided to review this for you. Berrisom is the brand that became famous for their peel off lip tints. I believe that G9 is a separate branch of skincare that is part of Berrisom. The G stands for Guard, Good, and Guide. The first G is to guard against 9 skin stressors  like pollution, drinking and smoking, climate changes, etc. The second G stands for good ingredients use in their products like different plant extracts which I will list later on. The last G is to guide your skin into a better condition by helping with hydration, pore control, elasticity, etc. That’s about the brand and lets move on to the product!


The cream comes in a small milk carton shaped box. I’ve seen other similar products packaged this way like the Peripera Blur creams; anyway I think it’s just cute. The cream comes in a milky white jar with the G9 milk bottle logo. When you open up the jar the cream looks exactly like fresh whipped cream, hence the name. The texture is very light and it moves like a watery gel cream. ~Jiggle-jiggle~ Also it has a light baby powder smell which isn’t my favorite smell, but I can deal with it. When you spread the cream it forms droplets and as you keep rubbing it in it gets to a light powdery feeling. It’s a weird in between texture between powdery and moist. Skin feels soft and velvety, like a baby’s butt!


The cream is formulated with 9 whitening and nourishing ingredients like niacinamide (whitening), milk protein extract, glutathione (ingredient used in whitening injections), vitamin complex, galactomyces ferment filtrate (helps skin texture and transparency). Also it has 9 moisturizing and soothing ingredients like fructan (prevents dryness), trehalose (cactus moisture reservoir), centella asiatica extract, betaine, and witch hazel extract. To top it off it has added adenosine that helps smooth out wrinkles. So this cream and the G9 skincare line have all of these skin caring ingredients.


Everything is great thus far, but how does it look on my face? Well, I looked like I powdered my face with baby powder. The white pigments also bunched up around the dry patches and it did not look good. It looked like I had a white cast and instead of looking even toned. I just looked ghostly. I like the texture but I have a problem with how it looks, I don’t think I’m light enough to pull it off by itself. I think if you’re fair skinned it could work as a blur cream or just a no makeup day cream. However, if you’re tan like me I would not recommend this. I’m going use the rest of the cream as a makeup base or use it on dark areas like my knees and elbows maybe.

pre-blended look
After blending it in.

For me this is a no, but if you’re wiling to take a chance on an instant whitening product then this is an option. I would like to know how it stacks up with the Peripera Blur cream or the other popular blur creams from Etude House or a different road shop brand. I received this from BB Cosmetic so you can purchase it through them or go to the Berissom/G9 Skin website. For BB Cosmetic I have a discount code which you can freely use until December 31st, 2016, *’E3GWXIN81I‘. Thanks for reading!

*Just a disclaimer, I don’t get any money from these codes, depending on how many people use the code I get offered to try out some products and I get to write my opinion about them! So feel free to use or not use the code~ 😀

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