Full Red Lip tutorial

Doing a full lip color with a bold shade and be a bit daunting at first but it just takes a little patience and practice. So I’m going to do a picture tutorial of how I do a full red lip. The products I’ll be using are from MAC. Lip pencil in Cherry and lipstick in Vivia Glam Rihanna. Let’s start!Red lip tut

1. prep your lips. Make sure you are done eating and brushing your teeth for awhile so you can make the most your red lip until reapplication if necessary. Make sure your lips are clean and moisturised. I like to apply a thick lip balm for about 5 mins and then wipe off the excess.

bare lips

2. Line you lips! I think this is a crucial step for wearing red lip for the whole day. It is the glue that will hold your lipstick to your lips. Also it creates a clean line and space on your lips to apply your lipstick. When you are doing a bold lip, crisp lines are a must. When you are starting your line don’t go over your natural lip line or you’ll end up with clown lips. Line it a tad bit inside and then keep building on that line until its at the edge of your natural lip line. I like to start at the center of my bottom lip and swipe to the half way to each side, and then swipe from the corner of my mouth to the halfway point.

red lip tut 2

3.Next line the upper lip. Like the bottom lip start in in the middle where your cupid’s bow dips in. Make a small notch. Do the same to the peaks of your cupid’s bow. If you have more of a rounded cupids bow then just follow the steps for lining your bottom lips. After making three notches connect them and line down to the corners of your lips. Now the upper and lower lips are lined! Yay!

red lip tut 3

4. This is optional but I like to fill my lips with the lip liner before I apply my lipstick. It gives me more color but also less fading. So do that if you like ūüôā

red lip tut 4

5. Then apply the red lipstick. Get a tissue and gently pucker your lips onto the tissue to get any excess color off your lips.

red lip tut 5

6. I also like to use a lip brush to make a even more crisp line and smooth out the edges by using ¬†slight pushing along the edge of the lips. One thing to be careful with this is that you can push too much and go over your natural lip line, which is okay but it’s easy to go over board. BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL WITH A SHINY LIPSTICK. People will see that you’ve over lined your lips because of the light that reflects off the lipstick.

red lip tut 6

If you make a mistake, like if your line is crooked or you lined too much, just wrap a tissue around your finger and gently wipe it off in one sweeping motion. If the edges are stained red carefully dab on some concealer on that area and blend it out. You can also go around you lips with concealer to make your lips pop more.

red lip tut 7I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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