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Hello and welcome to the weekend! Today I’m going to review 2 Tony Moly products the Chok Chok Green Tea Cleansing Water and the Watery Cream from the same line. I just went into buy the cream but at the store they were doing a promotion so I got it as a set. I bought it because last time I was at the store I got a sample of the toner and lotion from the same line. I really liked the lotion, and since I don’t really use lotions I got the cream. The cream is 15,500KRW which is a pretty good price in my opinion for a 60ml of product. It already had a ton of good reviews on it and I’ve used other green tea creams before  like the one from Innisfree and I wanted to try a different kind. For those of you who don’t know Korean ‘chok chok’ means that something is wet or moist. So this skincare line is focused on hydration which I am always in need of.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.43.44 AM.png
fermented green tea rounds

The special thing about the cream is that it is made with fermented green tea extract rather than plain old water. The green tea leaves are harvested during April to June and then naturally fermented for a year in clay pots. This makes the cream better in delivering moisture to the skin. The green tea is scaled 0-2 on the Environmental Working Group which means that it is a low hazard ingredient, this means less harmful chemicals on the skin. The cream is also is a cream-gel texture that it good for any kind of skin type. Also it doesn’t have an overly sticky or oily feeling to it. I can wear it alone and my skin will feel comfortable and not dried out. Also it makes my skin so soft and smooth in the morning! I can’t say anything bad about the cream except that it doesn’t do anything else than hydrating the skin. It’s not an anti age/whitening/firming cream. It’s just your basic watery cream. But don’t let that hinder you from this product, it’s really good just use a really good serum beforehand.


Now the cleansing water I have to say is just as good as the cream. It does what it says it does and removes all of my makeup, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. My skin doesn’t feel dried out either, just clean and soft. I would still recommend washing with a foam or bar cleanser, but that’s because I’m a skin clean freak. This is a very good product for those who have sensitive skin and for those who don’t like oily cleansers. I’m not sure how much the cleaner is… I’ve been trying to find it on the Tony Moly website, but I can’t seem to find it on there.


If you’re in a dire need of good hydration on a budget then the cream is a great purchase. I give this cream two thumbs up for it’s texture, ingredients, performance and price. I’ll be looking in for more Tony Moly skincare! This Chok Chok Green Tea line has put them on my radar.

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  1. what do you think about essence of this product?

    1. I didn’t get to try out the essence. Maybe I will next time I go 🙂

  2. nadia herman says: Reply

    can you list or take a picture of the ingredients of both products please?

  3. I really love this cream as well. I have super dry skin and in the winter time it is not enough for me. But it really is amazing.

    1. Yeah, I’m glad you like this product too!

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