EUNOGO – My Aqua Shine Injection Experience


This is going to be an interesting post because it’s not a product review. Well actually in some ways it is, it is a service/procedure review. I was able to this treatment through sponsorship from Eunogo, an award-winning Korean medical care concierge service. On their website I was able to browse though the facials, treatments, and surgeries that were offered in Korea and literally ‘shop’ for a procedure. It is really fun and interesting to see what Korean clinics offer.

Before Procedure

When I first contacted Eunogo, they were very friendly and approachable. I was interested in the Aqua Shine procedure, so we set up an appointment! At the Eunogo meeting, we went over some of my expectations of their service and the procedure. They also have 1:1 multi-lingual medical coordinators fluent in Korean, English, Mandarin, and Bahasa so that there are no misunderstandings when you go in for your treatments. Even though I can speak and understand Korean I wanted a Korean translator for the medical lingo.

What is Aqua Shine?

Aqua shine is a minimally invasive procedure that includes needles that inject hyaluronic acid into the skin. Hyaluronic acid injections takes away dryness by forming a moisture layer around your skin. This is known as a must-treatment to be received before female celebrities shoot a cosmetic commercial. This treatment supplements skin nutrition that we start to lack from aging by directly injecting hyaluronic acid and additional ingredients.Based on individual skin conditions, it can be used with other treatments like Botox, collagen and platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is harvested from the patient’s blood. I didn’t use my own blood for my procedure.

This is one time treatment usually takes up to an hour and you will get a bit of jelly bumps or embossing as they called it, and some light needle bruising for 3-4 days. After 3 days, the results are supposed to be super moisturized and glowing skin. The effect usually lasts for about a month. It has to be up kept regularly which is a bit of a bummer.

Procedure Day

My treatment was at a skin clinic in ritzy Apgujeong Rodeo, Cheongdam-dong. The clinic that I went to is a private high end place called MH Clinic, many celebs come here to get procedures done. When you go in it’s very clean and the Eungo team was already there to help me with fill out forms and help translate anything that I missed or misunderstood when we went to talk with one of the MH clinic consultants. They gave me all of the information needed and then I went to a little room got my face cleaned from the aesthetician and was slathered with numbing cream. I had to wait a while because it was a Friday and they were backed up with some other clients.

Finally, it was my turn. My doctor, Dr. Lee SoHyun, was very bubbly. I was going to get stabbed in the face 30-40 times with a micro needle, but she made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Lee and the nurses worked together quickly with an ice pack to keep my face soothed and also to numb the pain from the needle. At the MH clinic they mix the hyaluronic acid with an antioxidant and a skin regenerating ingredient. Dr. Lee injected all over my face, in my dark circles, and she also injected on my neck where I have eczema. This showed that she really cared about her patient’s skin because she was actually assessing my skin condition. So I was really appreciative of that. The actual injecting part only takes 10 mins, but mine felt like less than 10. It was so fast, but…

it was painful!

I have a high pain tolerance, but still, even with the numbing cream the injections hurt. Especially near the cheekbones and forehead. Thank God Claire, from Eunogo saw my pain and then she held my hand during the procedure. THANK YOU! Afterwards my face looked like I got stung by bees and my face felt like it was on fire. The swelling was a bit bad so they did a cyro (cooling) massage to help the swelling go down and disperse the jelly drops. I also got an allergy shot in my butt (I requested the butt shot) to reduce the swelling. Then I got to relax with a cooling rubber mask. They finished me off with a basic skincare and by that time the pain and burning sensation was gone. TBH minus the swelling it looked pretty good. I brought a face mask to cover my face and I went home! I was there for about a little less than 3 hours… but usually the whole thing should take about 90 mins.

Next Day

My face was still a bit swollen, but the texture of the skin looked great. I was very careful with the skincare products I used afterwards since there were some bruising, my skin was poked with a sharp object. I stayed home all day and relaxed and watched a bunch of Netflix.


2-3 Days later

The swelling had gone down completely slight bumpy texture but I was able to put on makeup without a problem. I still had to use concealer to hide some bruises. The bruises lasted about 4 days. My skin looked AWESOME. My makeup went on so smoothly and my face looked voluminous and super glowy. Even when I went to work, my coworkers noticed how extra glowy my skin was.

1 Week Later to Present

I love how my skin looks and feels. It’s very moisturized, glowy, plump, and smooth. I want to show off my skin and wear less makeup! It looks great. Putting on makeup is a breeze and I feel like my skincare absorbs better. I was definitely worth the pain. The procedure I do wish that it would last longer. I don’t feel that the effects have diminished after a week, but knowing that it will only last about a month makes me a bit sad! My skin looks so good, don’t want it to go away!

Day 7 no makeup (also woke up 15 mins ago, but washed face for work lol)
Day 8 with light CC cream

Final Thoughts and Costs

I really love the effects of the the Aqua Shine treatment from MH Clinic and Eunogo did a great job of communicating and guiding me along the way. I would without a doubt recommend this service and procedure to you! Just keep in mind though that the effects aren’t very long lasting and can be pricey. I think this is great before a special event or occasion. I think mid 20s to late 30s skin would benefit from this procedure. Eunogo shop offers this procedure at $330, which is a 25% discounted and exclusive deal. You can find out more about aqua shine injection by clicking here and other procedures at the Eunogo Shop. If you have the Kakao Talk app you can directly ask questions to them at their ID ‘eunogo’.

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  2. By day 8 you had gotten cheek filler high on cheek bones?

  3. This is lowkey scary but your results look so so good

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