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This is post is going to be about a skin treatment that I got through Eunogo about 2 weeks ago. I won a giveaway at the Seoul Blogger Brunch 2017, so I got another opportunity to partner with Eunogo. Eunogo is an award-winning Korean medical care concierge service and you can easily ‘shop’ for services on the website. They have very strict regulations with clinics and doctors they work with, so you can be assured that you’ll get the best service and outcome possible. They also have translators available so you won’t be in any confusion when you see the doctors and nurses.  Last time I got the Aqua Shine Injection and I was prepared for another intense skin treatment, but I was suggested a trendy skincare treatment called hydrogen toning.

What is hydrogen toning?

Hydrogen toning is an non-invasive toning skin care treatment that will give you more radiant, toned skin and youthful look, treating your fine wrinkles. So, if most of you paid attention in science class you know that hydrogen is essentially water. You might also wonder then how ‘hydrogen’ can make your skin more radiant and treat wrinkles. There has been research concerning that water pumped with extra hydrogen has the ability to reduce free radicals that damage living cells and tissues. Like most things in life it is debatable. In any case this hydrogen toning facial pumps this miracle water into the skin thus improving the look and texture of the skin. Keep reading if you want to know my experience.

Clinic and Service

The hydrogen treatment was done at a clinic in Gangnam called Urban Beauty. It is in one of the nicest building I’ve been in, it was very modern, artsy, and high-tech. The inside of the clinic was amazing! It had these pretty lights and modern furniture, and an outside terrace. As soon as I got there I was greeted by my coordinator and she helped me with signing in. I waited not too long and then I was escorted to the skincare offices on the other side of floor. Two aestheticians  were there and greeted me and gave me a robe to put on. The room was actually quite smaller than I expected but it had a cozy feeling and the the aestheticians made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

Cleansing & The Procedure 

So, I had a lot of makeup on that day, as usual, and it took a while to get my mascara off and stuff. I should have gone with no makeup on actually, but anyway they got most of it off. The aesthetician explained a bit about the hydrogen pumping machine called, Hydro Impact, before and during the procedure. She put some hydrating cream on my face for that it would be easier to glide the pump over my skin. The machine starts with a full cylindrical tank of hydrogen toning water and it is pumped to a pen nozzle that directly touches the skin. The hydrogen goes in deeply up to 1.2PPM. You can feel the pulsing of the water on your skin and sometimes it can drip out of the pen on weird angles of your face, but it’s just water so no biggie. Also, it doesn’t hurt at all. When it was done you can see the used water in a separate tank. It was a little gross seeing the murky water next to the clear hydrogen water tank.

Next it was time for the rubber mask! After she had put that on she put a dome cover over my face with red light. The Hydrocare machine pumps out 2 parts H2 (Hydrogen gas) and 1 part oxygen and the inhalation helps fight free radicals in the body and skin. It’s a clear dome so you won’t feel too claustrophobic.

After Treatment

After the treatment I felt refreshed and my skin looked brightened, but it only looked that way because she put a tone up whitening cream on after. At first I didn’t really notice anything different. I think I still had makeup residue on my face and I also had to go to another meeting afterwards so I didn’t have time right after to observe. After getting home and washing up. I did notice that my skin did look brighter. The next few days I could really tell a difference. The eczema patches on my forehead and neck seemed to be calmed down and just the overall appearance of my skin looked more radiant and even. The effects of the hydrogen toning is only for a few days in my opinion. The aesthetician did say that it is a series of treatments to see really big noticeable changes.

Final Thoughts and Costs

Eunogo did a great job of communicating and guiding me along the way as usual! I enjoyed the hydrogen skincare treatment. It was an interesting concept and I would like to try a few more sessions to see the full effect. Eunogo shop offers this procedure at $300, which is a 25% discounted and exclusive deal. You can find out more about the hydrogen toning by clicking here and other procedures at the Eunogo Shop. If you have the Kakao Talk app you can directly ask questions to them at their ID ‘eunogo’.

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