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In this post, I will be sharing my head spa treatment I got done at Chaum Clinic a couple weekends ago. I was contacted by Eunogo, a medical tourism concierge, to review a popular head spa treatment at the prestigious Chaum Clinic. I was super excited because I’ve never had a head spa before. Just to explain more about Eunogo, they help visitors in Korea to get the best medical and beauty treatments at the best clinics. They have a great selection of services on their website and they also send a translator to your appointment so you will know exactly what’s going on. I’ve had such very many great experiences with them and I would highly recommend them to you.

About Chaum

Now Chaum is a fairly new hospital opened in 2010. Chaum offers various health services for both domestic and overseas visitors. It is one of fanciest hospitals I’ve been to and I was able to take a tour at an Eunogo event some months back. Chaum practices many other specialized medical services like a detoxification program, customized nutrition, vitamin injections, food therapy, immune therapy and other customized programs for visitor’s needs upon consultation.


On a rainy Saturday morning, I headed to the hospital and went to the designated Hair Spa area. The room is a bit small, like a small hair salon. I was promptly greeted and told to check a list of symptoms that I have (not scalp related) and then the nurse (?) took a picture of my scalp and the doctor came in to say hello and asked if I had any specific worries about my scalp. The condition of my scalp didn’t look that bad but she did mention that the pores looked a bit clogged and slightly inflamed, but overall no big issues.

I was led to a small curtained room to change and the scalp scaling treatment was a go-go! The chair reclines so that you are comfortably lying down. She first spritzed my scalp with hydrogen water and then proceeded to put my hair in a steamer to clean the hair and scalp. I had the cap on for 15 mins and afterwards, she applied a pre scalp cleansing tonic to the scalp with metal rod wrapped with some cotton. She worked in sections, front, right, left, and back. The liquid was very mentholated so it was super cooling and it helps to boost circulation as well as to cool the temperature of the scalp. FYI a hot scalp leads to hair loss! Hair got ion-steamed some more then she came back to do the same procedure but with a different liquid that helps to lift dead skin cells and scale the scalp.

Then it was time to do the bubble hair pack which helps to clean out the follicles. She applied the foamy lather on my head and gave me a nice head massage. Then we went over to the shampoo station and then she explained to me that every time I shampoo I should always rub the shampoo in my hands then proceed to apply it to the scalp and massage with my fingertips. The rest of our hair will get washed in the process, so it is very important to put more effort in cleansing the scalp. She didn’t apply any conditioner but later she applied a really nice smelling hair serum.

After treatment

She dried my scalp with a hair dryer and then we took photos again. This time around to my surprise it looked worse! However, this showed me that all the dead skin that had been stuck was starting to lift off because of the scaling. I realized that my scalp is just like my face and the rest of my body. I had been neglecting it so I was determined from that day to take care of my poor scalp! I dried the rest of my hair and my head spa came to an end.

My thoughts

My scalp felt refreshed and even after not shampooing for 2 days afterwards my scalp didn’t feel greasy and smelly like it would if I hadn’t gotten the treatment.

The treatment was about an hour and it costs $300.00USD with a special $30.00 Eunogo discount. It costs a  pretty penny, but because of the scalp analysis, I think it is a great way to find out the causes of your hair and scalp problems. If you have any concerns about your scalp and hair make sure to tell the doctor! In conlusion, I would like to say it’s not much of a relaxing head spa, but more of a scalp treatment. I would definitely recommend this treatment for those who have serious concerns about scalp and hair loss. From this, you can start to care for your scalp from a medical perspective. You can go directly to this link to read more about it. If you have the Kakao Talk app you can directly ask questions to them at their ID ‘eunogo’ and Whatsapp +65 8522 4529.

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